Blue Man Group - Triple Play connection

How did I not see this before??

Triple Play Logo:

Blue Man Group - The Complex (CD cover)

Did anyone notice that before? Am I just a year late?

(Oh, and they (BMG) also had a part in making some of the sounds in the movie Robots. - nice.)

Oh wow, I never noticed that before :S
Très cool!

Yeah nice noticed. I kinda saw that when i bought there CD after their show i saw.

lol … wow I have never seen that before, and I own the CD and went to “The Complex” concert tour.

Once again, that link could only be made by the mind of Elgin Clock.

That is definently pretty cool…never did notice that. But then again i highly doubt anyone did…lol :smiley:

Is the song off the complex album, “Time To Start” all too appropriate for now?

First connection I noticed was to the Ubuntu Linux logo:

It’s evolved since then, but even the new logo is strikingly similar.

Blue Man Group+FIRST=SWEET!

I’ve always felt that “Your Attention” fits in right about now, bascially a song about information overload…

Your attention please. Please yell if you’re paying attention