Blue Nitrile vs Wedgetop Tread

What is the difference between the Blue Nitrile Tread Vs/ the other common alternative that Andymark sells; Wedgetop Tread.

It’s way grippier.

We are using Blue Nitrile 6" wheels for the first time. OOTB, they have extreme grip. The AM KOP White HiGrip wheels slide along the rug, but these blue ones will cling to the rug, will not budge.

Our wedgetop wheels are only a little bit worn down, but not by much. The wedgetop rubber can be comparable to a rubber band, while the blue nitrile has “teeth”.

If you’re looking for Super Grip, go with Blue Nitrile.

Wedgetop wears down pretty quickly.

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It does. We used it in 2013. Had to replace treads every other match, and sometimes that was not frequently enough.

Since then, we have used either blue nitrile or Colsons.

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