Blue Tread

I am going to feel like an idiot when someone links me to this, but where do teams get the blue tread for their wheels.

Most of the blue tread that I have seen is blue nitrile conveyor belting from McMaster. Make sure to select textured belting for incline conveyors. Link here.

-Mihir Iyer


Keep in mind that there is a black nitrile roughtop tread as well, and it performs slightly differently from blue nitrile tread. If I remember correctly, it’s a bit more resistant to wearing.

My experience has been the other way around. Blue lasting forever and the black wearing out.

We bought ours from McMaster P/N: 5994K711. That is actually the black tread, but you’ll find the blue tread close by.


This year my team used the black tread with phenomenal results. Hard to quantify, but qualitatively, we’re never going to use a different type of tread.

As far as the wear is concerned, we noticed a lot of wear early on (practice sessions and such), but as the drivers racked up hours in practice, the tread sort of settled in.

  • Sunny G.