BlueDash is getting better!

I have taken into account all your suggestions, and code that was forked from my repo on GitHub, and have updated BlueDash! It now can get the current event that a team is participating in, and, better yet, auto-refresh! You can check it out here.

It still requires a BlueAlliance API key, which I have provided below the screenshot (this is a public key, and is seperate from my private project keys). You do not have to type it in every time, as it is saved in cookies.


Here’s a public key you may use (this key may be taken down if this post becomes too popular):
Removed due to security concerns, you may create your own API on TBA if needed, just google it

Please give me insight on how I can improve! If needed, you can view the code here on GitHub. And, thanks for all your support in the previous post! My next plan is to start pulling data about the current event, and begin using BlueAlliance’s WebHook API to remove the need for an API key.

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