BlueDash is here!

I recently decided to start a big project to make a web-dash for BlueAlliance to be shown on the screens in front of our pit. Currently, it’s very basic, but it does work! It requires an API key and team number. And, it will save your API key and team number for future use, allowing for quick pit screen setup!

Check it out here.
Here’s a public key you may use (this key may be taken down if this post becomes too popular):
key has been moved to a newer post

For those interested, it pulls data using jQuery’s AJAX request function, and saves the API Key and Team Number to cookies as apiKey and team. All code (except for the cookie saver) is written by me.

Feel free to leave me insight on how I can improve and make it not look like a page from the 90s! You can find the code on GitHub.

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Nice start!

What kinds of things do you plan on showing? Event stats? Team stats?

P.S. It’s generally a bad practice to share API keys like that. While it may seem harmless, anyone with that key can essentially “be” you. Since that key is probably read-only, and anyone is able to make TBA API keys that do the same thing, there’s not too much harm. That being said, I suggest you remove it from your post, and not post things like that in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


I currently am planning on showing how the last few matches went, out current ranking position, and what our next match will be. I may even get the stream up there! My next order of business is to get the data to “auto-refresh” if a checkbox is selected.

Sounds to me like you’ve got a plan! :raised_hands:

If you need help, or have questions about the API or anything, feel free to reach out!

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But 90s websites are fast! The laziest / easiest way is to just use Bootstrap or another HTML / CSS framework. TBA uses Bootstrap and it’s pretty nice, not gonna lie. For the more specific items you’ll want to probably add a timed task to re-pull the data and re-render those items on the page. You can do the timer piece of it with window.setInterval in JS.

Best of luck to you, this looks exciting!

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Big Update!

I have taken into account @Dracco 's suggestion to stop using API keys, and am beginning to learn how to use TBA’s WebHook API. I have also used @krf 's info on setInterval to get it to autoupdate.

Other info can be found on the new post.

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