BlueDashProⅡ is here!


Remember my old TBA dashboard, BlueDashPro? My new successor to it, BlueDashProⅡ, is here. With a new, simplified UI, most teams should have an easy time getting it up and running as long as they obtain an API key from their TBA account page. Instructions for setting it up will be down below.

Changes Since BDPⅠ

  • Full Rewrite - Everything has been redone from the ground up! Simple improvements should allow BDPⅡ to load quicker and run on lighter machines.
  • Interface Update - Finally, dark mode! I know this isn’t too much of an improvement as it won’t be used in any dark spaces, but it just looks a lot nicer. Also, many extra (broken) elements were removed to allow pit crews to focus on what’s important.
  • Begone Mouse! - The mouse and navbar now autohide. No need to move the cursor way into the corner anymore.

Setup Instructions

To begin using BDPⅡ, you will first need to obtain an API key from TBA. Without this key the TBA API will deny requests from your browser and the dashboard won’t be able to pull match and event data.

Step 1. Head to your TBA account page (you may be required to log in).

Step 2. Scroll down and create a new API key by typing a description in the box and clicking the green button.

Step 3. Copy your new key to the clipboard (don’t worry I deleted this key after I wrote this).

Step 4. Open BDPⅡ and head to the settings page.
Step 5. Paste your copied key into the API Key box and make sure to replace what’s already in there. Some extra spaces may be added to the start and end of what’s pasted, so make sure to remove those too.

Step 6. Enter your team’s number into the Team Number box and click save.

Once you complete all these steps, your team’s data for their current event should begin to populate into all the fields on the dashboard. It may take around 3 updates for all the data to be gathered.

GitHub (Source & Issue Tracker)

All code for BDPⅡ is hosted on GitHub under sykeben/BlueDashProII, which allows other teams to clone and modify it for their own needs and to add features. Another benefit of hosting BDPⅡ’s code there is the ability for users to submit issues via the Issues Page in case something goes wrong.

What Did I Miss?

I hope I didn’t miss anything in this showcase. If you have comments or questions, simply reply to this post and I should be able to get to you if there isn’t too many responses. If you plan on using BDPⅡ in your pit, let me know, and be sure to “watch” the repo on github.


My team loved using this last year! Excited to see the improvement efforts made and put it in my pit again this year!




My team tried out this the first version during the offseason last year, it was great!

I really like the new design of the dashboard, and I’m wondering whether you’ll be adding some other features in the near future, such as the top 8 teams column and sponsors bar from the first version.

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That’s a good question! New features will be added when I have time. Most features are going to be little, incremental improvements as I come and go from the project.

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