Bluetooth communication?

Are you allowed to mount something like a netbook on the robot and attach the cRIO with a bluetooth chip and communicate with the laptop. The netbook will be mounted ON the robot.

If this is not available in the competition, is bluetooth (one of those external chips that sends and receives and does processing of the info? don’t know the details) even possible with the cRIO?

Please review the rules under Control, Command & Signals System:

If they’re both on the robot, why not just use Ethernet? More bandwidth and less hassle.

Alright. Since the rules forbids it… Is it possible to do bluetooth communication with the cRIO when not in competition? (testing, showcase?)

[R52], [R53], and [R54] all would ban bluetooth communication between the cRio and a secondary device during competition.

As for modding the cRio to accept bluetooth, I do not know if it is possible. But i would just suggest if at a demo you would like to use a secondary computer on the robot to monitor or communicate, the cRio has external RJ-45 ethernet ports available all ready.

R55 also explicitly denies the use of bluetooth communication during competition at all.

For a demo… I don’t really like using the driver station…

I was thinking something like this:

No problem outside of the competition.

It isn’t strictly impossible, but there’s no support for it in the FRC configuration. Why do you want to use Bluetooth? I’d just take advantage of the existing WiFi setup.

True. How difficult is it to send information to the crio and have it understand it from a computer without the driver station. Would raw sockets work?

You need the Driver Station computer running to enable the robot. If you are talking about how you talk to the cRIO with a second computer, I’m looking into the Network Tables stuff used by the Smart Dashboard. Looking through the SmartDashboard stuff on the robot and dashboard sides it looks like the Dashboard is just a Network Table with a specific name and you should be able to just make a new table with whatever name you want (or possibly just use the SmartDashboard table? I’m not sure yet if it would work with 3 devices).