I am a new programmer with just the most basic understanding of code, and I heard the controls for next year include using bluetooth.

Now I know that “officialy” you can’t say yes, if that is a rumor that is being used to intimidate then it’s working well :yikes: but if confirmation is available then I will ladly accept it.

we are actually fooling around with bluetooth for the wii mote it should be pretty cool
and there was a display of that in atlanta if you went

I didn’t go but I think that’s where the speculation came from and each year is a challenge so I think it would fit right in to their plans, whatever they are

According to the FAQ, Bluetooth isn’t currently listed as a programming method.
From the document found here:

Q What type of communication does the system use?
A The new system uses proven **802.11 **wireless communications. More features are being considered for future expansion including robot-to-robot direct wireless communications and wireless joystick operation.
Q Must they be tethered in order to apply/change certain settings?
A No, the new system will include the ability to do wireless programming. However, this may not be allowed in competitions (in the PITS) to avoid wireless contention with the field.
Q Will the new controller be programmable through a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port?
A No, it will use an Ethernet connection.
Q How do I download code to the controller?
A Using either LabVIEW or the WindRiver Workbench tools over a much faster wireless connection.

This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of Bluetooth, but… I’d say it’s unlikely.

The NXT unit (used by FTC and FLL) is Bluetooth-capable. The FRC controller isn’t the NXT, though.

Using WiFi, pretty much eliminates the possibility of Bluetooth. They both operate in the 2.4GHz band and thus interfere with each other. I would not want to operate a Bluetooth device in an environment with what could be 6 or more channels of WiFi (or as low as 2 channels). Bluetooth frequency hops around the whole spectrum but with that many active channels there is no open frequencies. Hopefully the FRC/FTC(NXT) interference can be minimized by good floor planning. Maybe the WiFi will run in Bluetooth friendly mode.

Yes it is true that Bluetooth would interfere with wifi at 2.4 ghz but if using 5ghz it would minimalize the problem

At IRI the FIRST rep told us the current wireless units they are testing are 802.11a so it would be in the 5ghz range.

Bluetooth is being used in the new FTC platform as the communication path to the robot. Maybe that’s what you were hearing about.

That’s what I remember hearing too.

Since the NI controller doesn’t have a bluetooth receiver, would it be possible to put some kind of bluetooth-to-ethernet adapter on the operator interface to send the signals to the bot?

i don’t about blue tooth, but as long as there is wireless program transfer onto the robot, i am more than pleased. no more being yelled at or yelling at random people standing next to the robot to hit program and run from the robot.

Ahh whew! thanks, I wanted to use the PS3 controller though :smiley: