Boat Winch for Hanger?

Has anyone used a small trailer(boat, motorcycle, etc.) winch as a pawl’d hanging winch? I’m thinking about a 12V model something cheap from Northern Tool or local pawn shop haha. Any experiences with this set up would be appreciated. I can have the team build a winch using a spare Modulox transmission and a pulley. That may be overkill. Also thinking of using a motorcycle tie down as our “strap”.

Any pearls would be appreciated. It’s crunch time and the team just had another oh snap moment…they didn’t CAD out their hanger. :eek:

We did this back in Break Away to climb. We got a normal manual boat winch, and outfitted it with a CIM motor through a Dewalt gearbox. Please keep in mind that if you get a powered boat winch, you will need to replace the motor with an FRC legal one.

We’ve made a prototype using a $20 manual boat winch. It works just fine. You’ll have to figure out which motor/gearbox combo gives you the speed and force you need.
We got a 140lb box 2ft off the ground in under 5 seconds.
Using a miniCim on a 16:1 gearbox connected to the 3:1 winch.