Bobcat Robotics 2013 WPI Regional Recap

We had a great time competing at WPI Regional this year. We cannot wait to compete at CT Regional. You can view the video here.

Great video! You guys have an awesome bot this year and we loved playing with you (not only because that was the 6 disc in the pyramid match LOL). Hope to be on the same side of the field with you again in CT.

You guys were great at WPI. Deciding between 177 and 20 was one of the hardest decisions our scouts have ever had to make. The rapid-fire autonomous mode and general accuracy of the robot was amazing. Your team will do great at CT, especially once you get that climber working.

Great video! We had a blast playing alongside you, and your shooter is amazing! Very fun to watch.

We won’t see you in CT, but perhaps later in the spring back at WPI for BattleCry?

Nice video. Your robot was extremely accurate, and it was definitely nerve-racking playing against such a tough robot from such a storied team.
Looking forward to Connecticut. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with your climber. Maybe then we’ll finally meet with the same color bumpers on!

Nice video, hopefully I’m not looking at you guys on the opposite side of the glass in the quarters again this year. 3 years straight against the team you always root to get onto einstein is 3 too many.

We’re hoping to have something to put into a video from CT. Definitely looking forward to rockin’ the convention center at the end of the month. We can make it a better than good Friday! And an even better Saturday.