Boeing as sponsor

Congrats to everyone on a great season!!!
We sure made a bunch of new friends and had a great time!!

I am looking for data regarding teams sponsored by Boeing during 2008.
Could you please add your team number and years sponsored to this thread?

At the championships during the opening, an official from Boeing stated that they sponsored 50 teams… I am trying to get the team numbers and other information regarding those teams!!

Thanks for your help!!!

go here

and then search for the word boeing. I only got 12 when I did it.

We have Boeing listed as sponsor, though we received no money from them this season. In years past, however, we’ve received a little bit of money from some folks – mostly as part of Boeing’s donation matching program.

One of our current mentors and a few from the past have worked for Boeing. They’ve made presentations and had meetings with folks about sponsorship opportunities in Washington state – and I’m pretty sure that Kevin and FIRSTWA were working on something like that as well – but our efforts so far have been for naught.

We just applied for a Boeing Employee Community fund Grant, which I hope we get. However, I believe this is not the same as an outright sponsorship. Prior to 2008, based on previous conversations with Boeing mentors, Missouri teams with “Boeing” indicated in their name, had funds donated as part of the matching program. Our team is located in the St. Louis area, and have had multiple Boeing mentors and Boeing families. We have tried to seek Boeing sponsorship for 6 years, so I hope this proves to be great news!

Hello All,

Boeing grant for teams with a Boeing employee mentor info is out.
Contact your Boeing mentor for more information…

Time frame is critical in this. The applications are due by September 15th.
You must have a Boeing mentor to apply.
If anyone in the Pac North West needs some help in finding a Boeing Mentor our team would be happy to give you a hand.

Probably 1/3 (at least) of our school’s parents are Boeing employees…we have over 6 Boeing mentors on our team and they may be able to help you find one for yours …

Rumor is that these are Registration grants…$6000
Rookie and Vet teams eligible… Must have a Boeing Mentor that makes the application for you.

Good news… They are looking to support 100 teams!!!

Please let us know if we can help…
We are Skunkworks from Aviation High School in Seattle Washington
Team 1983

I am currently a Boeing employee in Southern California and have been a FIRST mentor for the past 3 years (on the East Coast). If anyone in the South Bay area is looking for a mentor feel free to contact me, as I am currently looking to mentor a team and know of several other employees who may be interested in mentoring.

Our team just put in our application. Our Boeing mentor has always been greatly appreciated for his huge depth of knowledge in all things engineering, but this is one more reason to love him. :smiley: Good luck everyone!


Team 2493 in Riverside, CA is looking for a Boeing mentor. I just sent you a PM with all the details. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Riverside is (relatively) far from the South Bay…

Assuming you mean the one in L.A., I think I know of a few teams who could use the help. Not counting next year’s rookies, of course.

Additional info from the internal Boeing wiki, which contains links to the application, FAQ, etc.:

Must be a registered FIRST FRC team
See FIRST Web site for more details. If you do not already have a team number assigned by FIRST, you can preregister on the FIRST Web site. Here is the link you can pre-register at once the process has begun: FIRST Pre-Registration

Team must contain a Boeing mentor
A Boeing mentor is defined for this purpose as a Boeing employee (full-time, part-time or retired) who contributes time and expertise to a FIRST team. This mentor also agrees to provided information about the team and its accomplishments to Boeing as requested. Contract employees are currently not eligible.

Organizational backing
School teams must have the commitment of a school and teacher for guidance and support of the team. Homeschool teams, scout groups, and other associations are also eligible as long as they meet FIRST’s criteria for a team.

Use of funds
The FIRST@Boeing grant is to be used only to cover the entry into a regional championship which includes the kit of parts. Boeing will distribute the funds directly to FIRST. No funds will be distributed directly to teams.

Application Process
In order to apply, you will need to fill out and submit the Application by September 15th. It is important that you fill out this application fully. Boeing’s goal is to support as many qualified teams as possible, however funds may be limited. If more teams apply than available funds, information on the application may be used to select the teams that will receive a Boeing grant. If you have any questions, please contact one of the focals listed on the Focal List.

Teams will be notified by October 15th whether their application has been approved. By October 26th, approved teams will receive a commitment letter which can be used to indicate to FIRST that your team’s entry fee will be paid by Boeing. Boeing will be sending FIRST a list of teams supported, but it is also strongly recommended that you send this commitment letter by the December 5th deadline for payment to indicate your fee has been covered. Your team will receive the kit of parts from FIRST when they distribute them in January.

Additional Information
Please explore the various links on the menu to learn more about FIRST. Two key resources if you have questions are the FAQs and Focal List.

Hello All,

The FIRST process of registering new teams is broken.

Does anyone knows when this will get fixed ?

As mentioned before the deadline for submission is middle of September and the new teams needs to be pre-registered for the mentor be able to apply for the grant in behalf of the team.


Well, we found a Boeing engineer in Riverside, he has joined our team as a mentor, and our application is in.

The process couldn’t be any easier, I’m suprised there are not more teams out there looking to make use of this gift from Boeing.

Thanks Bruce… and thanks Boeing!

Thanks for making this thread. It answers all of my questions. My team was going to go to Boeing for sponsorship (because the world HQ’s are in downtown Chicago), but we decided to go to Caterpillar (they have a local plant , much closer to us). But, we may go to them for sponsorship in the future.

we would love to find one in PHX A.Z.

Lions for First,

PM your contact information to me and I will help you find a Boeing engineer in Phoenix.

Hello All,

For St. Louis teams, feel free to send me a private e-mail and I will see if I can be of assistance.


1.1983 Skunkworks

I hear in the grapevine that there is a good opportunity for new teams to apply for this grant, and as far as I know there is no “term limit”, althought if there is more than 100 teams then they will go “thru a selection criteria”…

Boeing has employees all over the U.S.A and even in countries such as Canada !!!.

Deadline approaching fast !!!.


If any North West Boeing employees happen to see this thread, visit our internal wiki at:

There is information on how to connect with local teams, who is looking for mentors, as well as general FIRST info.