Boeing as sponsor

i know Team 21 ComBat used to be sponsored by Boeing. But I’m not sure about anymore

Greetings from team 2489!

We’re based in Fremont, CA in the east bay and we’re looking for a Boeing mentor. If anyone can help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can contact us by email: or by PM, whatever floats your boat :D.

Thanks a bunch!

Hello New Teams,

It is official : New Teams can now register on FIRST website.

Once you register your team, give the team number and name to your Boeing mentor so he or she can apply for the grant.

As far as I know the deadline is September 15.

I wish all good luck and if you coming to St. Louis Regional, I will see ya on the field. :slight_smile:


And I hear there are still Boeing grants available, so it is not too late to get your application in.

As a head’s up, we received notification about our Boeing grant application this morning. It was sent to our Boeing mentor.

Was the notification positive? Did you get the grant?

If so congratulations! Time to go check the mail ;>

We did receive the grant. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Congrats 488!!!
We got one too!!

It would be interesting to see the list…


FRC 2046 is another grateful recipient of a Boeing grant. Thank you Boeing!

Team 2493 - Robokong also received a grant today

Thank you Boeing!

Team 39 also recieved their grant notification today :slight_smile:

Team 21, ComBBAT had Boeing as a main sponsor from 1998-2005. ComBBAT fortunately was just awarded a smaller sponsorship from Boeing for the 2009 season to reestablish the partnership.

Engineers from Boeing KSC, such as Scott Strickland who has been with the team its’ entire existence, have been with the team since 1998 giving up their free time to help the team succeed. I was amazed at their dedication in high school and still am by the fact that they still come back year after year.

Team 1745 received funding from Boeing! Can’t thank them enough for their support :slight_smile:

Add 233 to the list! THANKS BOEING!

Congrats to all the Boeing sponsored teams!

Since I know teams are already doing jersey designs, please consider the whitepaper I uploaded here.

I work at Boeing, and only got this document last week! Read through it and help ensure we don’t run into any silly logo issues.

Hello teams,

The Cavaliers in St. Louis,MO got the grant, but as a rookie team we still have a lot work to be done.

As a mentor I made a challenge to the team for us to raise $3,000 by end of the year, although this might seem “too large” of a goal for a team that got the Boeing grant, I think this would be a good goal for us to have to ensure we become a sustainable team. There is no guarantees that we will get this very generous grant again. So we need to get our “fund raising machine” going. Every little bit helps.

I think that teams that use this opportunity to “diversify” their sponsors will be the ones that will relevant for many years to come.


With the current financial condition in the US I’m curious how many teams received funding. We don’t have Boeing as a sponsor, but our teams main sponsor has drastically reduced our funding. :ahh:

The Boeing grant is paid directly to the FIRST organization to pay for the competition fee, to my understanding it is the full-fee of $6,000.

I think 100 grants were given this year for 2009, next year is a “gamble”.

As a mentor for a rookie team that got the grant this year, I am not assuming that we are going to get it for 2010 season, so I am asking the team to look at the following strategy :

  1. Diversify your sponsor base.
  2. Do fund raising with school administration support.
  3. Ask for parents to contribute early as a show of commitment.

Our goal is to have at least $3,000 on top of the entrance fee, and hope we get a lot donated equipment and stuff like old tables from the school library.

It is helpful if the team mentor keeps a journal of how the teams is doing financially and review it periodically on what worked and what has not worked.

Hello All,

I hope everyone had a great season !. I think would be interesting to hear from team both rookies and experienced that got the grant, how this grant was able to help the team.

As a mentor for a rookie team, that has been trying to form a team for a couple of years, we were finally able to participate on FRC, instead of just participating on FTC. Because we did not need to worry about getting the money for the kit, we were able to build a second robot to be used for practice before the regional competition. We received the Rookie Inspirational Award - St. Louis Regional.


Team 1742 was proud to have Boeing sponsor us for an experience in FIRST Robotics that will be with us for the rest of our lives, they not only provided us with funds which allowed us to attend our second regional in Dallas, Texas but also with assistance through one of their very own employees Nick Grady, I personally can recall the numerous weekends he spent helping myself learn the programming that was introduced through LabView for this years FIRST Robotics competition. We hope that they will continue their support of Team 1742’s involvement in FIRST Robotics for years to come, and allow us to be a proud member of TEAM BOEING.