Boeing Grant 10$ support

I saw a topic from 2016 on the forum about Boeing donating $10 per hour to teams with mentors. Our team currently has an active Boeing mentor, and we’ve applied for the grant. Can you provide information about this? Is it still ongoing? How will our mentor show their connection with Boeing mentorship? Thank you in advance🦊

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Yes it’s still available and is called volunteer hours match. It’s run by Boeing Global Engagement through a site called “YourCause”. Your Boeing mentor should be able to look it up and log in while connected to the Boeing network. From there they can submit how many hours they’ve volunteered with your team, and request a matching grant to a valid non-profit (usually the school organization) once they’ve accumulated some. I’m not familiar with how the program works outside of the US or if there’s any restrictions there.

There is also a Boeing Enterpise group for FIRST mentors on Boeing internal networking platform “inSite” that they can join to get help with navigating any of the company websites or processes for the hours matching or grants.


Ronis This sort of arrangement is actually common. We have a mentor who works for HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and they do the same thing. And two other families where there is either a matching for donations or a paid for volunteer hours situation. In our case/area it is mostly run through a portal called Benevity. Have your families look into this. Mostly applies to Big Companies though…