Boeing Grant 2019-2020

I am not sure if I am too late, but I never saw a Boeing Grant available for the 2019-2020 Season. Has it come out yet? If so does anyone know where I can find it? I would love to get some more info for my team, as we could not find it this year! Thanks!

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I have asked several contacts about the Boeing Grant this year and there has been no word as of yet.

For some context here are relevant dates from the past with the Boeing Grant
Open around Jun 11 2018
Open around Jun 18 2017
Due by Jun 30 2016
Open around Sep 9 2013
Open in Sep 2012

So it does seem late this year.

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Not to cause alarm or pessimism, but it wouldn’t be that crazy to presume there might be a large drop in contributions this year and perhaps even the next few years, based on the earnings call last week.

They reported a $2.9 billion loss in Q2.


Our grant point-of-contact said that it should be opening soon.

We lost our two Boeing mentors to moves (and are working to get a new one), recently, but we have 4 Boeing interns from our team (including our two current captains and two alums) so that’s pretty cool.

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According to FIRST Washington, Boeing grant applications for FRC and FTC will open sometime in August this year.

I heard from our Boeing rep in Charleston the same thing.

Received the following email this morning regarding Boeing Grants for 2019-2020:

Boeing FIRST Mentors,

Each of us gets involved with causes that inspire and move us, and I suspect that is why many of you became FIRST mentors. As a former teacher, I know, as you do, that there is nothing more rewarding than helping a student work through the answer to a tough problem or participating in a student’s discovery of a career path that will fulfill them.

This past spring at the FIRST Championship in Houston, I was lucky enough to meet a team that truly inspired me—The Underdogs. The students on this team are refugees representing seven different countries and had never participated in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs before FIRST . With ingenuity and determination, and a robot made from donated parts, this team advanced into the finals. This season, they’ll have a Boeing mentor helping them on their journey.

You all have your own reasons for being a mentor, and I want to thank you for making that commitment. Because of your involvement, 2018-2019 was our biggest and best season ever—more than 500 Boeing teammates mentored more than 600 FIRST teams. I’m excited to see what all our teams can do this season!

I know you are all excited to get started. Please see the chart below for Boeing employee-mentored team sponsorship levels and application deadlines. Please note that there are different application deadlines this year depending on the program. New this year, we will be supporting FIRST Lego League Jr.

|Program|Rookie|Veteran|Application due|
|FLL Jr. |$200 |$100 |Aug. 31, 2019 |
|FLL |$450 |$225 |Aug. 31, 2019 |
|FTC |$500 |$275 |Aug. 31, 2019 |
|FRC |$4,000|$3,000 |Sept. 30, 2019 |


Can both the Boeing and NASA grants be received by one team? I believe last year it was one or the other.

I’m pretty sure they are completely unrelated.

In the past I have been told it is one or the other. As far as I know teams cannot receive both grants.

Perhaps this is a recent policy change, but we’ve received both NASA and Boeing grants for the last two years.

It might only be a rule for registration grants. Last I checked, if one Grant was covering the cost of your initial registration, then another grant from a donor like Boeing, UTC, Lockheed could not be disbursed for the same purpose.

I could be wrong as it has been a few years since I’ve needed to apply to multiple grants.

You’re right that they’re both directed grants so they’re only usable for registration costs. However, we talked to FIRST finance and we were able to use the NASA grant for the initial season registration and “save” the Boeing grant for our District Champs registration fee.

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Prior to the 2017 season, the Boeing grant was restricted to only initial FIRST registration.

In 2016, our team lost access to over $5,500 in potential funding because these restricted grants exceeded our expenses in the earmarked categories. :money_mouth_face:

Thanks Boeing for making these funds available for any type of FIRST event registration!


Never thought to check this/ask - is this grant available to international teams?

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I’m pretty sure the only way to get a Boeing grant is to have a Boeing employee mentor the team. Not sure if there are any Boeing employees outside of the USA mentoring teams. Since Boeing is an non-governmental company, I’d assume they can give grants to whoever they want.


If any Boeing employee doesn’t know how to apply for the grant, contact me here on Chief Delphi and I will send you the information over Boeing email.

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Boeing grant application is now open

|Program|Rookie|Veteran|Application due|
|FLL Jr.|$200|$100|Aug. 31, 2019|
|FLL|$450|$225|Aug. 31, 2019|
|FTC|$500|$275|Aug. 31, 2019|
|FRC|$4,000|$3,000|Sept. 30, 2019|

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Is this grant open to all teams or just teams with some affiliation with Boeing?

A Boeing employee must submit the application