Boeing grant for FRC

I was looking at the Boeing grant for FRC and I had some questions on how it worked. When I checked, it said it was a $4000 grant for event registration, does it always work like this or am I looking at something different? Also is it possible to get the grant even if your team doesn’t have a Boeing mentor?

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One more thing, how competitive is getting the grant? For example, should we even try if we’re just a rookie team?

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In the past, I haven’t heard of any Boeing employee being straight up denied the grant. You do, however, need an employee as a mentor because the form for application is only available on Boeing’s intranet and a Boeing ID number is needed. However, I applied as an intern and got it for two years for my team back home, just needed to mentor for 25 hours in the year, which is nothing compared to what I actually find myself putting in. The grant is directly applied to registration fees, IIRC; I’m not a coach so I don’t get to see where funds end up or how. But as said, they are in a tough place financially at the moment, so I’m not sure the status of next year’s grant. The applicatiom opened August 1st this last year (Early July in 2018).

I’m a Boeing employee. To be eligible for the grant the team must have a Boeing employee or retiree spend 25 hours mentoring the team. In the Pacific Northwest those funds are mailed directly to FIRST WA and applied to our registration fees. I believe it works that way everywhere in the country as well, but I’m not sure.

Ok, thank you for the help!