Boeing Grant Question....

We are a rookie team, and our Boeing mentor submitted for the Boeing Grant. He received an email saying we didn’t complete a Post-Season survey. I think this is an error on Boeing’s part. I think they expect a post-season survey from Steamworks, not next year’s game.

Am I correct in this, we have until COB tomorrow to fix this and we’re emailing the contact. Just curious if you do a post season survey before the season?


Same thing for us. Sent yesterday, due tomorrow. It’s generally this time of year when they want the post season survey for the prior year, as part of the requirements for the grant for the coming year.

For a rookie team, it wouldn’t make sense to have any data for a prior year. Maybe your Boeing mentor can e-mail them back to clarify.


That’s what I was thinking. We have a screen shot of the application we submitted, and I emailed the contact in the email with the application attachment. The Boeing mentor is a rookie mentor, so I’ve been guiding him since he’s just getting in to FRC. I’m hoping they’ll reply quickly, as rookie team, the grant will help a lot with all of the startup costs. Don’t want to risk not being considered.


If they already completed the application, there should be no cause for alarm. The email that came out was sent in error. They should be able to verify with the Boeing rep that the completed application is on file.

Yes, they confirmed they sent the email out in error.

So, we heard that we received our Boeing FRC grant last week (they are our longest-running sponsor – thanks, Boeing!)

However, we also applied for Boeing FTC grants (which has a season starting in a couple of weeks) and have not heard about those. Anyone else heard anything?

We applied for both FTC (rookie) and FRC (veteran) grants and received notification of approval on August 10th and 14th respectively.

We received a grant as well. We received the email last week.