Boeing Website - Featuring FIRST Robotics

Fantastic news story on the Boeing website.

Congrats on your team being featured so prominently in the story and video, as well as your outstanding performance this year!

great video on Boeing and their support of FIRST teams in the State of Washington. Congrats on being featured and having a great 2011 season as well.
Never had a chance to see your robot in action this year. Robot looks great!

Congrats on the great year !!!
Now you have to follow it up!! We all know you can do it!!
You guys looked great in St. Louis!!

Boeing sponsors so many teams… it was good to see them honored with the Founder’s Award at the Championship.

Still, so many schools have yet to start a robotics team. We have our work cut out for us… there are a lot of Boeing employees that are able to mentor our students… we just need to match them up with the schools. Exposure like this on Boeing’s own website is a step in the right direction.

My belated apologies to our Archimedes pit neighbors for when Mr. Muilenburg came by to take video and photos. It was quite the entourage and commotion! The kids get very excited when judges and (in this case) VIPs come around with questions… the kids come forth with their elevator pitches and hand out tchotchkes to everyone and prepare to answer questions…

@Mr V – when we couldn’t find our cache of 7.5A minibot fuses, your team came to our aid. Thank you! And congratulations on making quarterfinalists in such a tough division!

@Bob Steele – we were only successful because of your help and guidance. And some planets had to align for us. But 1983 continues to pave the way: Lydia (Dean’s List); alliance captain & quarterfinalists on Curie field; CMP Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox (when Woodie read the clues, we all knew…). You’re raising the bar again for all PNW teams.

@Glenn – what’s left to be said about the Hawaiian Kids that hasn’t already been stated in multiple threads on CD? Your team has changed Hawaii… and is changing the world. You’re inspiring all of us. :slight_smile:

Our Boeing engineers JJ and John Glowa are the reason 3553 exists and was able to have a successful season. Boeing even provided funds to attend the Championship event. It is really amazing what they do. Thank you Boeing!