Boiler Bot Battle 2018

Purdue FIRST Programs is proud to announce that this year’s Boiler Bot Battle is in the France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center at Purdue University from October 26th-27th, 2018.

We are still accepting team registrations for ~25 teams. Registration is $250 (free for rookies and pre-rookies) with a late registration (on or after 10/13) of $300. Teams can register HERE

Volunteers can register HERE

We are looking forward to another excellent event here in Indiana!

Any questions can be emailed to:

Is this a 1 day or 2 day event?

Load-In is on the 26th and matches start the 27th.

Is there a preliminary team list available?

This is a little (WAY) off topic.
The company where I work has a Halloween costume contest.
I want to do a steampunk outfit? I have the hat, vest and cane. I need a really cool coat. Does anyone have one I can borrow? I will return it quickly.
I wear a XL.
I will be at this event.

Thanks in advance.

Now back to your regular schedules program.

I now see they’re on the site. Thanks!

BBB Organizers, are there load in instructions? What door/entry do we use to drop off and where do we park?

Thanks for the upcoming event!

This is what I received from the volunteer email, hope this answers your question. It didnt send in the last post.

Any videos from the matches? Couldn’t make it this year and wanted to check out the action.

I noticed The Blue Alliance has the match scores, but no videos linked.

It doesn’t look like any youtube videos have been posted, but if you want to watch matches now, the raw stream footage is here for the next few weeks. Hopefully the videos will be up soon.