Boiler Bot Battle 2019 Registration!

Purdue FIRST’s off-season competition Boiler Bot Battle registration is officially OPEN! Come join us at Purdue to show off your robot and have some FUN!
Boiler Bot Battle will be taking place on November 16th.
The registration fee will be $250 per team plus $50 for an additional robot HOWEVER if you are a first-year rookie/pre-rookie team, all competition registration fees will be waived! If you are a team bringing a second robot and would be willing to let a pre-rookie team compete with your robot, your second robot fee will also be waived. Registration ends Nov 1 at 11:59, after that there will be a late fee of $50.

Here is the link to the registration form []

For any more information, contact: ([email protected])
We hope to see you there!


Any links to volunteer if we aren’t in PFP?


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