Boilermaker 2007 Coverage

The Indiana Star had a couple of nice articles and a good video last weekend.

Short Blurb

Lawrence Story


Any other stories generated from this event?

Here is a nice story from the Kokomo Tribune. It profiled the 3 Howard County (Kokomo) teams.

The best thing about this newspaper article was not see on the website. The front page of the entire paper had the words “Gracious Professionalism” on the front cover.

Andy B.

North White Indiana team:

Jeff/McCutcheon HS

Team THRUST, 1501 Coverage

Newspaper Online (only lasts for 14 days)

The Southport Journalstudent newspaper had a good article about the team. Too bad our robot didn’t perform as well as we would have liked. Oh, well, we’ll make up for it at IRI.

Andy, can you please photograph that front page and post? We all want to see that. :slight_smile:

To add to Andy’s post here is a gallery of photos uploaded to the Kokomo Tribune website: