Boilermaker 'No bot gets left behind' hybrid challenge

Anyone going to be at the boilermaker regional that is a part of the ‘no bot gets left behind’ challenge? Our team doesn’t have a hybrid mode as of yet. However, we are hoping to get one figured on thursday. Is there anyone that will be there that we can go to for help if we need it?

Are you programming in C or Easy C?

1529 will do the best we can to help all in need. Come by our pit, we’ll be happy to oblige.

1646 is willing to help too, granted this is our first regional so Thursday might be kind of hectic… but if you need help, stop by our pit.

I don’t know what we are programming. I am not the one in charge of it. I just heard that he couldn’t figure it out the other day.

I appreciate the offers. I will pass your team numbers along to our programmer. He will probably stop by one or both of your pits. Thanks for the quick responses. Sorry about the short notice.

If you want the best programmer, this side of the Mississippi, come to Team 1501’s pit stall first :smiley: :smiley: :wink: