Boilermaker Regional Award Ceremony Video

Im looking for Boilermaker Regional Award ceremony video footage from Saturday from when our team was announced as the winner of the Rookie All Star award, I need it for a video im trying to put together, plus I want video of when Andy Baker picked me up and Bearhugged me on stage :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone could help me, respond back or send me a PM.



Congrats again, DJ.

If anyone has video of Blair riding his bicycle around at the beginning, I would love to see that. Since I was backstage, I wasn’t able to see it in person.



Did either of you ever get that video? :slight_smile:

Simple answer…nope

Huh… :frowning: I was really hoping to find a good video of the full ceremony. Or if not that at least the introduction. BTW, when the first ceremony started and he was coming out of the fog, what was the song being played? Or is it even a song, lol :rolleyes: I do have to say that that was a really good way of starting an awards ceremony off.

We are still working on getting this edited. Please PM me for details.

I believe that we have the footage of the awards ceremony. The man who has the footage wont be back from vacation for 2 weeks, but I will contact him when he gts back though.

Well we do have footage its just we started late, and then it seems that for some reason not all of it was tape. The footage we did get is bad though becaus eit involves people standing up and blocking the cameras view.