Boilermaker Regional Thanks and Congrats

First off Congrats to the winning alliance 1024, 71, and 269.

You guys rocked my socks off.
Also a big congrats to teams 135 876 and 93 you guys were amazing!

Congrats to team 1646 also, you guys rock. 765 represent!
Wow 4 finals matches, the software couldn’t even handle it, awesome! Sorry to everyone for the delay on that final match, the software freaked out when i tried to tell it to play a 4th finals match, and then it froze and i had to restart it, EEK!

Thank you to John V and Bob Hammond for fielding all my questions all 4 days and helping me get stuff working and for rocking my socks off.

Thanks to Molly, you were amazing, you are the one that should have been thanked at awards not me, you were right there checking my scoring on the matches i was entering and you ran the majority of the competition, not me!

Thanks to JVN, even though you wont admit it, you saved our butts, thanks for getting the spread sheet working and thanks for spending so much time enterting data.

Thanks to david kelly for helping me get everything working, sorry for stealing your job man, and hopefully that negative rep didn’t hurt you to much.

Thanks to everyone on the regional planning commitee, seriously this was one of the most amazing regionals i’ve ever heard of, and the most amazing i’ve ever attended.

Thanks to all of the field reset people, referees, A/V people, volunteers, caterers, purdue IT guys, everybody else who helped pull this beast off, we did it!

Thanks to everyone to watched the webcast and cheered us on from home.
Thanks to all the teams compeeting, and everyone watching. Thanks to the judges, thanks to Purdue for hosting the event, thanks to umm Brandon Martus for helping out with RTS and for laughing at me giving david the above mentioned negative rep. Thanks to colin fultz for helping with RTS and Amanda morrison for doing 1000000000 jobs at once and still having time to press enter on the above mentioned negative rep.

ohh and thanks to dean simmons and the kammens, and everyone who didn’t dance!

Rock on,
No dancing.
“flying through the air like a flock of seagulls.”


Thank you to everyone, particularly a certain driver for a very very sweet proposal. It was delicious GRIN Alllllllllllllll in good fun of course.

Congratluations to all who participated. Most particularly 1646, you guys are an amazing rookie team with soooo much ahead of you.

Thank you Court B, for showing me that I am still shorter than she is.

And thanks Team Hammond, for teaching me how to bowl…

  • Genia

I have to give major props to team 269. They really came through under pressure today. Now, hopefully, they will be at nationals! GO 269!

Let me start out by saying this is one of the best Regionals I have ever attended. The teams, robots, announcers, judges, refs, and tech crew all did an amazing job this weekend. I think Purdue might have to find somewhere else to hold this regional on campus next year just because it was so awesome and amazing.

Congratulations to teams 71, 1024, and 269. You guys put up a great fight and made for some truly great competition.

Congrats 135, 876 and 93. Great robots, all of you. Especially 93 - these guys had the worst luck handed to them of ANY of the teams there. They went 1-9-0, last place 41/41 and were drafted and then went to the finals. This is why I love Midwest - teams scout, teams know how the robots do regardless of a team’s record. Great job guys.

If only you guys could have seen the awards ceremony… or did you? Was it webcasted as well? Spectacular, to see Blair raising out of the floor with a light show and smoke to greet the audience.

It really just reminded me of IRI - a lot of great teams with an Indiana feel to it. If you liked Boilermaker, come to IRI.

Have any pictures of robots leaked out of the competion? I’d love to see the winning alliance.

Well, to start off, a huge congrats to teams 71 and 1024, like kyle said, you guys really pulled through under immense pressure and made the best out of everything that came up (batteries, arms, penalties…) It was an absolute joy to work with you both. Also, 135, 876, and 93, all three of you were excellent competition and to all of the other teams, this regional was pure excitement from start to finish!

A special thanks to all of the judges (especially the human player one for the red alliance, you certainly did your job well!) and all of the event organizers; yes, this is only my second year, but it was one of the most entertaining and best thought-out events I have been to yet, very well coordinated.

And thank you’s to kyle and greg for emotional support at the end, david for the extra-last-minute-thumbs-up and hugs, and eugenia, for just…well…being her wonderful, peppy self. I promise to post pictures as soon as I find my camera.

<edit> and also, one more thanks to team 963 for being the only defense-specific bot there, you were great competitors and had a very unique strategy! <edit/>

Boilermaker was an amazing regional. Watching it on the webcast confirmed my thoughts that it would be a very competitive event, with high quality play. Nearly every match in the elimination rounds was a hard-fought and, in most cases, a close contest.

Congrats to 71, 1024, and 269, and to all the rest of the team who made this such a good event. Also, to Cyber Blue, you guys did great, and it is hard to believe that you weren’t picked in the Florida regional. You were high on our list, and I think you kind of “fell through the cracks” in not being noticed by other teams down there. I’m sure Scott’s winning the WFA helped make things better for Team 234 in FL, though.

I’ll see you northerners in Atlanta, and next summer at IRI. We’re off to Denver in a few days.

WOW!! Does Indiana know how to put on a competition or what??!! A HUGE thanks to the Boilermaker Planning Committee - you all put together one heck of a show! Count us in for 2006. Hoosier hospitality is the best around - no doubt about it.

Amanda Morrison - you did an awesome job communicating with the teams and keeping us in the know with regards to what to expect at the competition and all the opportunities available during our three days on Purdue’s campus.

Teams 71, 1024, and 269 - you were awesome! The competition was fierce and we enjoyed every minute of it! We can’t wait for Nationals to see you all again!

Finally thanks to our alliance partners in the finals - teams 135 and 876! We could not have been matched up with better, more gracious teams. Team 135 saw what others didn’t - even though we were ranked dead last you knew what our team and robot were capable of and you gave us a chance to show it. For that we will be eternally grateful! Thanks again for taking us along on one heck of a ride!! It was awesome!

For those who didn’t get the privilege of participating in this inaugural event, you don’t know what you missed!

Thanks again to all who made it happen!


I think everyone needs to thank Amanda Morrison ,Amy Prib. and the rest of the regional planning committee for one heck of a regional! I hope next year is just as big and just as fun! Congrats to 71, 1024 and 269!

Yes i agree, THANK YOU so much!!! That was one great, fun, exciting, very well planned regional, i especially like the dinner, and the party thing afterwords.

Thank you for the congrats and thank you to the regional planning committee. This was my first regional and you guys made it so fun. Also thank you to the rest of the teams there, whether we allined with you or not, you all made the event that much more fun. Ill never forget yesterday.

Obviously thank you to all of the event planners, judges, and referees, who worked the event. Though it was my first regional, it could be described as the coolest thing ever.

Thank you to teams 1024 and 71 for being such great teammates. Also thanks to 135, 93, and 876 for being such great sports and even better competitors. I also want to thank team 16 Bomb Squad for talking with us and just being great support and great friends. Thanks overall to all who competed for making it a great first Boilermaker Regional when it comes to compeition.

Thanks for all your congrats and I was more surprised than most of you. Thanks to everyone who showed me the ropes and helped me out. Also, thanks to my teammates for making my first year so great.

-Andy Burchardt
CooneyTech/Cooney Quest

I would like to thank the person who combined my thread with the original thread…this is another time when I should have searched before I posted. Way to go all teams who participated at BMR!

good job to alll the teams! :smiley:

Thanks to all the volunteers. I have a new found respect for all of you.

Thanks to a friend of mine who had a not-so-glamorous job. Some of the crap he had to put of with…wow.

Thanks to Blair and Dan for giving me the chance to learn from some of FIRST’s finest.

Thanks to all the teams for putting on one helluva show.

Thanks Kyle - but especially thanks to our co-chairs Ryan and Carolyn (also volunteer of the year!) who we couldn’t have done without… According to our volunteer coordinator Chris Fultz, we had around 100 volunteers that worked to make this an outstanding regional! Many regionals struggle with their volunteer base - but we had people coming out of the woodworks to help us out! Unbelievable the effort they put forth…and the friendly attitude they maintained.

Thanks to FIRST for having confidence in our ability to put on an event in Indiana and at Purdue. We had many years of FIRST experience among the planning committee, including the IRI planners.

I personally want to thank Marci Cochran and Lauren Vertz who I left at the front info table so often, and helped out so much even though both of their teams were competing.

Thanks to Dean Simmons and the Kamens band for rockin’ the CoRec on Friday night.

Special thanks to all the teams who attended and provided such fierce competition! Some teams traveled many hours, and half of the teams were from Indiana! This was truly an exciting game to watch this weekend, and thanks to Blair and Dan for such colorful commentation.

Thanks to Shannon for getting the campus tours together. Seems that everyone really enjoyed and appreciated them.

There are just so many thanks to everyone that had anything to do with making this such a great event… So many thanks to people even more behind the scenes - like those allowing us to use Elliott Hall for amazing awards ceremonies and those setting up everything inside the event.

Also Congrats to the winners and all teams that made it into the finals. You certainly had some tough teams to get through!

Anyway - we look forward to next year for an even better Boilermaker regional!

As was said so many times over the weekend, this was most definitely NOT a rookie event. Thanks to all the people who made it so wonderful a weekend. I thought GLR was tough, but now I am not so sure. Congratulations on pulling it off everyone. All those people mentioned above worked really hard. Chris Fultz, Amy, John, Amanda, Josh and especially the rest of the committee should be congratulated. I hope you are all getting some much needed rest. Thanks for letting me be part of it. Finally, I must thank the inspectors I had working with me. They made my job easier and worked very hard to make sure everyone had a great time. In addition to working the inspection table, everyone of them worked other areas as well. Thanks to John from IFI, having a presence helped make the event better for everyone.

Amazing. That is one of the many words I can use to describe the Boilermaker Regional this past weekend. What a way to start our team’s competition season.

First off, thank you to our alliance partners, teams 71 and 1024, for having the confidence to complete your alliance with us. We had our rough spots, but we made it through the finals with the needed victories. We all came through for each other in the end.

Congrats and thanks to the finalist alliance, teams 135, 93, and 876. Congrats on making it that far, and thanks for making the finals the most intense I have ever seen or been through. I was sweating bullets by the end and trying to keep my drive team sane while losing my brains at the same time. You guys did an amazing job.

THANK YOU to the entire Boilermaker Regional Planning Committee, this regional was in no way a rookie regional. The tours, events, and just everything you guys did for the teams was superb. My team would not shut up about how awesome it was, I wish I would have had more time to get around campus. Thanks for putting on an awesome event that my team will come back to again and again.

Special thanks to my entire FIRST network that was there for me to talk or hug or poke fun at me, DK, Amanda, Brandon, JVN, Amy, Andy, Josh, Kevin, DJ, the 45 Drive Team, Ben, and anyone else I forgot. You guys rock.

Thanks to the volunteers for working your butts off to make sure things ran smoothly.

And finally, thank you to my team. They had the utmost confidence in me as a rookie field coach, and on my rookie drive team and we made them proud. Thank you.

Midwest is in 3 days, I better get some sanity back.

Wow, what a great couple of days. I regret that I didn’t take another day off class and come watch on Thursday as well, but now I am just craving for more FIRST.

So great to see you all again, Amanda, David, Ricky, Brandon, Stu, Chris, JVN, Collin, DJ
It was also nice to meet and hang out with you guys: Jackie, Josh, Molly, and all the other volunteers and team members I talked to.

I was happy that I was able to volunteer, and I can’t wait until IRI and next year at THE Boilermaker regional. It was an awesome event, and like it was noted in the awards ceremony, there is very little room for improvement.

Great Job Chris Fultz, Amy P, and all the other people on the Planning committee. I hope all of you stick around and help with all the future events and are able to make these events as wonderful as this one.

Good luck at the Midwest and all your other regionals, and I hope you all do well at nationals! Sorry, but I will not be in attendance this year. :frowning:

Rock out homies.

I also want to thank everyone who made the Boilermaker Regional an awesome success! The volunteers, planning committee, refs, judges, teams, Blair, Dan, Marian, Josh Hambright, David Kelly, Paul George, John V, Jerry Budd, Steve Florence, Bob Hennessey, the FIRST staff…everyone! Thanks to Jason Lawton and EJ Levine for helping with so many of the special events…they wouldn’t have happened without you. I especially want to thank Carolyn and Ryan for being the co-chairs and giving up so much of their time and energy! Thanks too to all those who attended the special tours and College/Career fair!

I also want to thank those who have been a part of this planning process since the beginning. 6 years ago when a group of us from 461 said “hey, we should have a regional here at Purdue”, no one imagined it would turn out the way it did. So many people have been a part of planning, researching and convincing FIRST that Purdue was the place to have a regional…and I thank you for your hard work! Especially Daniel Black…this never would’ve gotten done without all your initial efforts!

I think it just goes to show that if you believe in your goals and work hard, you can achieve anything. What started off as a dream of a few people has become a reality for thousands. Thanks to all those who helped make so many people’s dreams of having a regional at Purdue come true! I am eternally grateful! How awesome…I can’t wait until next year!