Boilermaker Regional Wireless Scouting System.

Team 461 would like to announce that we will be running a wireless scouting system at the 2005 Boilermaker Regional.

We are still trying to confirm some details, but it looks like there will be an open wireless network in place that we will take advantage of. We are going to have a webserver set up and a web based interface for the system. Basicly you will be able to submit scouting data to the system and be able to view the data collected. This will only work if people contribute so we are asking that any teams interested contribute by bringing a wireless capible computer and contributing scouting data to the system.

The system will include pit and match scouting, and possibly ranking/match results. Also we are working on implementing other features like pictures of the robots, through a public FTP server.

More details will be made available as we have them. The system is still in the works but hopefully everything will be up and running by that weekend.

If anyone is intersted in helping get this system running at the championships or midwest regional, let us know, as we just need access to a wireless network and we will bring all the other hardware and software needed.

Wooot! I’m excited about this one!


I like it!! Do you have any screen shots?

Team 1002 (circuitrunners) has a working MYSQL/PHP driven scouting system that was used at the PeachTree Regionals.
We also have enough computers and equipment to set up a cybercenter and/or scounting center.

We are willing to bring our equipment and scouting database to regionals.
We are also willing to help out any way we can

please post a reply or email me at [email protected]

Okay our scouting system is finaly up and running somewhat. The database is just about done and the networking stuff is being worked out.

Here is how teams can participate at boilermaker and midwest regionals.

Contact team 461 at competition and get ahold of Emil, hes incharge of the scouting system, he will be able to explain whats going on and also be able to get you involved if you want to help.

We will be distrubuting information hopefully in advanced through this thread, but also at competitions with information on how to connect to the wireless network, and how to view the database.

We are also hoping to have some ethernet cables set up at a location for teams without wireless to be able to download a version of the database for their own use at competition, after competition everything should hopefully be larchived on the 461 website, and possibly going on the website live from competition.

i’ll hopefully have more details after the 461 meeting tomorrow night.

More information about this can be found at the following thread: