Bolt quiz

So…you think you know torque, shear forces and other specifics of fastners? Here’s a quiz to try. Kinda neat too as some of it you can apply to building your 'bots.

(Besides, I know you people like LIKE taking quizzes! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Buzzed through it in a minute or two. 13 out of 15. not bad, been a while since I had that class.

It went quick for me too, but 10 of 15. It’s been a long while since I did machine design…

Did the quiz show up in the link you clicked being really really small for anyone else??
Or is it just not FireFox compatible? :eek:

It’s tiny for me too, but I’m also using firefox. Gonna try a new browser.
Works fine in Safari.

Only 9 of 15, blegh. I’m gonna blame it on being too early in the morning to think right.

Here’s a basis of comparison for ye gearheads - I got 8 of 15.