BOM Creation

When creating a bill of materials for the robot are we supposed to include everything on the robot? or can we just list the parts that are not exempt from the budgetary constraints?
It would be nice if some robot inspectors would answer this question.

<T11> The ROBOT Bill of Materials (BOM), listing all items on the ROBOT except those listed in R9-A and -B, and their relevant costs per Section 4.4: Budget Constraints, must be presented at the time of Inspection.

Your wish is granted :]. I will note that, although it isn’t required, including KOP motors and their part numbers can be helpful to inspectors.

Documenting the parts you used in your robot will assist you in repairing it, whether or not the Inspectors care to know about those parts.

Speaking as a robot inspector & noted that the opinions are my own and not necessarily of First & maybe not even of my LRI who is my final word…

I think the current BOM are poorly considered, but I interpret them to my best understanding of the 2015 rules.

The current rules does not require any accounting or listing of anything on any KOP list ever published & anything in First choice. Not everything on that list is legal on a 2015 robot. Makes a rigorous reading of the BOM difficult. I don’t spend a lot of time with it. I concentrate on issues with safety and violations that might give the a competitive advantage.

In terms of allowed motors, I go by the current inspection check list since most motors are not required to be in the BOM & my thoughts otherwise doesn’t change the rule. I inspect robots to the rules and not my personal opinion.

For us, everything that goes on the robot goes on the BOM - if we don’t need to cost it out per Rules - then we put $0… we put how rolls of duct tape and how pints (well, ml) of blood lost over the robot (ok, probably skip the blood).

Even though not required (KOP exemption), you should list the following in order to make inspection go a little faster:

Every motor and its part number
Every pneumatic part and its part number

In both instances, those are highly controlled by the rules. With the part numbers, it is easy to verify compliance.