BOM-list all KOP parts

Interesting changes in the accounting rules this year. The cost end of it is pretty much the same, but the Bill of Materials (BOM) must now include ALL Kit of Part parts. Also it must be submitted electronically, paper won’t do. And you must use the specified template, it’s not optional.

All items and materials used in the construction of a ROBOT, and their associated costs, shall be recorded (in US dollars) in a consolidated Bill Of Materials (BOM). The BOM must use the FIRST-approved template available for download at Please refer to Rule <R89> in Section 8.3.11 - Robot Inspection for information regarding submission of the BOM.
• All KOP items used on the ROBOT must be included in the BOM. The source for each of the KOP items should be listed as “KOP” and the indicated cost should be listed as “$0.00.”

<R89> At the time of inspection, teams must submit an electronic copy of their Bill Of Materials (BOM) of all items used in the construction of their ROBOT, and their associated costs, to the inspector (see Rule <R21>). BOMs must be transferred to inspectors at the event via USB drive (inspector or team provided).

I wonder if this is so that FIRST can see what parts of the kit we actually use?

im sure they will take that into account because if only 100 teams use part X then they could reduce the cost next year by not having the part in KOP

Andy Baker talked a little on this topic during the latest episode of FIRSTCast and he suggested that it is likely for both FIRST and the suppliers/donors of KOP items to know what is being used.

That would be my guess and based on Andy Baker’s comments in this week’s FIRSTcast he seems to think that is the plan.

Frankly I thought KOP material was always supposed to be included listed at $0.00 cost in this way when constructing the BOM.

Same here. I included all items last year and put $0.00 for cost and KOP as supplier.

We’ve always included the KOP stuff for completeness. What is really troubling is that as an Inspector at several events is the number of teams that come with NO BOMs and then bending backwards to accept some handwritten something to keep from sending them home.

So ALL Rookies and Vetrans reading this thread PLEASE do your BOM, this just might be the year we decide to kick out those who don’t, really really hope not.

FIRST does look at the BOM and thinks about parts to be included in the KOP if a lot of teams are using them. If teams share experience about a particular sensor, actuator, pneumatic part or other material, then it seems likely that FIRST will approach the vendor and try to get the part included in future KOPs.

I can only hope that First uses this for two goals:

  1. Reduce/eliminate useless items in the KoP
  2. Discover items that a lot of teams are using and arrange for them to be included next year.

For example… If every team has 4 pool noodles listed on their BoM, why not include it in the KoP? Likewise for the plywood backing, angle stock, and fabric used to construct the rest of the bumpers… It’s seemed a bit ridiculous to have required bumpers of a specific design, but not to include any of the parts needed to construct those bumpers for a typical robot.

Anyone know when the BOM template will be live on the FIRST website? Currently the link in the manual simply leads back to the webpage listing the template.

I think I’m going to start buying materials on Wednesday so I’d like to be using it by then.

Does anyone know what type of format it’s expected to be? Last year we kept our BOM on Google docs and that proved to be a beneficial move. I’d already started our own template there.


Here’s my two cents: as a rookie coach last year, I had my students working on a BOM here and there during the build season, but it still ended up being pretty time consuming at the end. Being organized about the BOM from the beginning will be helpful this year.

If FIRST is going to analyze this information to increase the future use rate of parts in our KOP, that should be a good thing.

According to a BOM inspector at Atlanta last year, FIRST wants KOP on your BOM because they want to know what is being used, and what teams are finding to be most useful. Also, they want to let donating sponsors know what is being used and what is most valuable to donate.

Developers use it as well. If we get a lot of BOMs that include component XYZ, you can bet that we’ll put a lot of effort into it. OR, if we see that no one used something that we thought was fantastic, we’ll try to figure out what happened.