BoM Question

Does anyone recall the number of the update that had the instructions for using the BoM template?

I do not know the specific # but here is the template.

TU#12 has this…

BOM Naming Convention:
Before you submit your electronic BOM to inspection, please save the file using the following naming convention: FRCxxxx_City.xls (Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP), FRCxxxx_City.csv, or FRCxxxx_City.ods (ODF Spreadsheet), where “xxxx” is your team’s four-digit team number (i.e. 0011) and City is equal to the city in which your event takes place (i.e. Manchester). For the Championship, City should be your team’s Division (i.e. Curie). Thank you for doing this, as it will facilitate the data mining after the season!

Is that what you were thinking?

Eggzactly! Thanks;)

Al, in your Midwest regional inspector’s letter, you mention that a copy of the BOM must be placed on the Classmate PC. This is the first I’ve seen this mentioned. Where on the PC do we need to place it? Or is providing it on a flash drive sufficient (<R89>)?

The Classmate PC is a very nice place to store your BoM (it even includes a copy of OpenOffice to edit it) but isn’t required.

You’re fine as long as you’re prepared to -
A) show your BoM to the inspector (via printout, Classmate or laptop)
B) hand over your BoM via thumbdrive (either your own or the inspectors).

It is also possible to simply do (B) and then follow the inspector to another computer for viewing the file but it is far more convenient for teams to have it queued up on their Classmate at the beginning of the inspection.


At NJ they made us produce a printed copy. Teams may want to bring a printed copy also.

In Kansas City the inspectors asked for our electronic copy, but used our printed copy to look over and check off on their inspection form. I believe the electronic copy is mainly for them to have for post-season analysis of what was used. I would recommend having both electronic and printed with you.

Mark et al,
Having an electronic copy in the pit during inspections makes it easy for inspectors and easy for teams that can’t find a printer in the hotel or forget (I wish I had a nickel for every BOM that was printed out but left on someone’s desk.) If it is on your Classmate or a laptop that is available in the pit, that is what is needed. The electronic copy is still required and will be uploaded to a computer in the inspection station for use by First staff in the post season.