BOM question

As of right now my understanding is that any KOP item price is to be excluded or marked as $0 as of R10, but it also states that there is no quantity limit on any KOP item. according to FIRST “FIRST Choice is a menu of items available to registered 2014 FRC teams, for free, as part of their Kit of Parts.” (
Following that logic all $1,500 dollars in c-channel and all the other parts from FIRST choice would be recorded as Free.
Is this right? please let me know.

Is the C-Channel Gold Plated?

Yes all parts available from FIRST Choice should be listed as a cost of $0, even if you did not get the particular part that is on your competition robot from FIRST Choice.

It just seem like a lot of money to just not be recorded.

It seems a bit odd, but I for one enjoy not having half my budget being taken up by default by the KOP.

Nonetheless: If it’s a KoP item, record how many you use, but the COST is $0.