BOM question

2106 is a rookie team this year. We have had the luck of receiving help from several teams in our area. Some of the help has been through sapre parts from thier KOP, suck as sprockets,Andy Mark wheels and the like. We have also recieved custom parts that were made at a local machine shop. The only question i have is how do i account for these parts on our BOM? If these parts were given without charge, what do i put for a price?can i find a similar part and guess the value? How does one account for custom parts?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Its all explained in the manual. But anyways regardless of how you acquired an item you put it in the BOM at market price.,Rev%20G.pdf Cost Accounting Rules
<R49> The costs of all non-2007 Kit parts and materials used in the construction of a ROBOT (as
defined in Section 8.1.1) must be recorded (in US dollars) by the team, and a list of all such
items and their costs presented at ROBOT inspection.

<R50> All costs are to be determined as explained in Section - Additional Parts - Cost

<R51> The total cost of all non-Kit Of Parts items must not exceed $3,500.00 USD. No individual
item shall have a value of over $400.00. The total cost of components purchased in bulk
may exceed $400.00 USD as long as the cost of an individual component does not exceed
$400.00. The following items are EXCLUDED from the total cost calculation:

  • The cost of any non-functional decorations
  • The cost of individual fasteners, adhesives, or lubricants, unless any one component exceeds $1.00
  • The costs of SPARE PARTS. A SPARE PART used as a direct replacement for a failed or defective ROBOT part (either Kit part or non-Kit part) that has already been included in the cost accounting is covered by the accounting for the original part
  • All costs for the construction of the OPERATOR CONSOLE
    <R52> The costs of additional non-spare robot control system components obtained from Innovation First Inc. are to be included in the above $3500.00 limit.

there’s still another section to this for additional parts. just click the link and go to page 20

I believe most of the KOP materials are available on Andymark products, of course, should be on

From Additional Parts - Cost Determination

The “cost” of each additional item is calculated based on the following criteria, as applicable:

  • The purchase price of a COTS item offered for sale by a VENDOR to any customer.
  • The total cost (materials + labor) of an item you pay someone else to make.
    o Example: A team orders a custom bracket fabricated by a VENDOR to the team’s
    specification. The VENDOR’S material cost and normally charged labor rate apply.
    • The fair market value of an item obtained at a discount or as a donation. Fair market value
      is that price at which the supplier would normally offer the item to other customers. Also
      considered to be “fair market value” are the discounted prices offered to all teams by
      suppliers with established relations with FIRST.
      o Example: Special price discounts from MSC Industrial Supply Co. and Terminal Supply
      Co. are being offered to all FIRST teams. The discounted purchase price of items from
      these sources would be used in the additional parts accounting calculations.

Great! i can’t believe that i looked over that part of the Manual. As a “source” of the parts could i just put the team that donated or the sponsor whos employee crafted the part?

What about parts out of the KOP? if i remember correctly, the 26 tooth sprocket out of the KOP is restricted to only 2 per team. Can i list the two that we have for 10$ each? would that be fair market value?

I just don’t want to run afoul of the inspectors…
We still have to get our ramps working when we get to VCU on Thursday.