BOM questions

Alright, I have a bunch of questions regarding the BOM.

  1. What should I put where it says “insert comp name here”?
  2. Is it only necessary to list items that were actually used on the main robot? For example, we bought some extra motors, but never used them. Do I have to list those as well?
  3. We bought three items from First Choice including the Mini Kit, the Pneumatic Fitting Kit, and the Pneumatic Muscle. Are we required to put these parts on the BOM?
  4. I don’t understand the subsystems on the non-KOP list. How are we supposed to organize the items into difference subsystems?
  5. We bought many of these: How should small parts like those be listed?

Thanks in advance.

  1. What is your competition’s name? (Alternately, what city is it in?)

  2. No. Spares are excluded (<R20-D>).

  3. Yes. They are KOP parts, cost $0.

  4. Where did you use a part?

  5. Not listed–individual fasteners and the like don’t go on there (<R20-C>).

  1. an example would be Ann Arbor District.
  2. The BOM is a list of materials used on the robot. Include only those parts.
  3. Only if they’re on the robot. (you don’t include minibot stiff here.)
  4. Break the robot up into chunks such as arm, grabber, chassis/drivetrain.
  5. List them as what they are, electrical connectors.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Clarification on number 5, Miscellaneous hardware (Electrical connectors, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) are only listed on the BOM if their cost was $1.00 or more.

Do we have to include wire on the BOM?


Yes. You have to include all the wire you use. If it is from the KOP, just set the values as $0. But if you bought extra wire from say Home Depot, then you have to list how many feet you used and how much it cost per foot.

Got it, thanks!

Sorry to resurrect a “dead” thread, but I do have one question that I want to ask just to make certain that I am filling out the BOM correctly.

I know that parts from this year’s KOP are listed as cost $0.00 on the BOM (the template even has a separate section for 2011 KOP items). However, let’s say that there are two of a given part in the KOP, but the team needs four, so they go and buy two parts identical to those in the KOP (even from the same vendor; for example, the CIMple Box shaft plates from AndyMark). Do the two additional purchased parts need to be listed on the BOM along with their cost in the Non-KOP section? In other words, does the cost count against the team’s budget in terms of dollar amounts on the BOM? I’m positive that the answer is yes but, like I said, I just want to make sure.