BOM Questions

Hi, Our team is writing up our bill of materials and we came upon what we thought was an uncovered topic. This year we decided to opt out of the kitbot, but we later discovered it would be better if we built off the C-channel Frame, In our BOM do we have to include it? It would’ve come in the kit, but didn’t. Any answers would be appreciated!

Since you opted out of the Kit Bot I can only assume you purchased c channel to build your frame. If this is the case then yes, you have to include in the BOM.

We bought the Entire Kitbot as one package, gearboxes, c-channel, wheels and all

I have a similar question. We opted out of the kitbot and instead received the $450 AM gift card. CAn we simply deduce $450 of AM products from our BOm? How does this work?

The AndyMark gift card (and any other kit voucher) is considered part of the kit, so anything purchased with it is costed at $0 or “KOP” just like an item that is physically in the kit.

We opted out of the chassis kit and took the $450 in parts through FIRST Choice. Then we ended up buying the chassis kit anyway (although we didn’t use all the parts in it).

So we classified everything we got from FIRST Choice as “KOP” - no cost.
We included the entire cost of the chassis kit.

The inspector seemed to think this was OK.

Okay, So my last and final question is that the Andymark voucher was $450, but the kitbot pack is $625, do we minus the cost? making it about $175? and Do we have to include the bumper hardware? Plywood, pool noodles?

are you anywhere near the dollar limit on the robot?

There are no points for the cheapest robot.

put the cost of the things you bought (or the individual costs of the parts of that kit if you want) that are on the robot.

Put in a $-450 line item for KOP Andymark voucher (I wouldn’t even bother if you aren’t near the limit). Then every item you used is accounted for, and the KOP discount is clearly applied.