Hi all,

As for our BOM, I have a few concerns…

Do we have to list KOP parts as well?
Since fasteners and small objects similar in fashion under $1.00 ea are not counted, do I simply not list them?
We used 80/20 for our robot, should I list the entire length of 80/20 we used?
Is the BOM all inclusive; do I list EVERYTHING?


List your KOP items with a cost of $0.00 and list the source as “KOP”

You need not include the bolts and fasteners on your BOM

You should include the entire length of 80/20 you used

Anything that is on the robot (except the fasteners and, I believe, bumpers) should be included in your BOM.

Hope this helps and good luck at competition!

Pretty much yes. Go through it from top to bottom and list everything there is.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Do I also include all the electronics as well, even though it’s implied that everyone has them?

Yes all control system parts. Most if not all will be KOP.

Is there a rule somewhere that says you need to include KOP items on the BOM? I can’t find one…and we didn’t include them on our BOM, and passed inspection at two regionals.

There is a KOP page to the BOM template, which implies they want the KOP parts listed there.

This note is on the front page of the KOP template:

"…All parts required by The Robot Section 4 should be entered into the BOM. The BOM helps Inspectors verify part use and legality on Robots.

Any item that was included in the Rookie KOP but not the Veteran KOP should be considered a KOP item and indicated on the BOM…"

Since they don’t ask to keep the BOM, is it ok to:

  1. Show them the BOM in excel on a laptop
  2. Make the BOM during the regional, on say, the practice day?
    We didn’t get a chance to do the BOM before bagging.

We showed the inspector the BOM on a computer at Hatboro, but it is vastly preferred that you hand them a hard copy.

Here’s the relevant Q&A:

Game - The Tournament » Tournament Rules » T09
Q. On the BOM template, it specifically says “Non- Kit of Parts Bill of Materials.” Do we need to submit a separate KOP BOM, or should the entire BOM be listed as one? FRC2340 2012-02-19
A. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The BOM template has been updated. The BOM should include all parts on the Robot, including parts from the KOP.

I did read somewhere that is is acceptable to show the BOM on a laptop (although I’m sure the inspector would prefer a printed copy.)

You can work on it Thursday, but you cannot complete your inspection, and therefore compete, until it is finished.

Those that were involved with the design and construction of your robot should be able to complete the vast majority of the BOM from memory. I would recommend doing as much of it as possible from memory ahead of time (you’ll be surprised how much you can remember, especially if you have a CAD model). Then you can fill in forgotten details at your event on Thursday. It will be much more difficult to look up details such as cost, model numbers, etc. at the event than it would be at home. It can be quite time consuming, and is not the way you want to spend your time at the event.

I guess that’s the problem…it was so much fun with the first BOM template finding a computer that could open the file, we never bothered to look at the updated BOM template.

Having it in .xlsx format was not a good move.

That is the link for a compatability pack for Office 2003 (files end in .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc) so it can open files created in Office 2007 or later (files ending in .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc.)

This should solve any and all future problems you would encounter with opening .*x files.

I know all about the compatibility pack and have had it installed on my computer for several years, but for some reason it would not open this spreadsheet. Maybe it doesn’t like Office 2000? I guess that is kind of old software…

I think trying to produdce the BOM on practice day would be a mistake. It takes us hours to do the BOM, and you need prices… I wouldn’t be able to remember them, and we looked up alot of prices online.

I would try to get as much of it done as possible ahead of time.

Break it down into sections, like electronics, drivetrain, ball-handling, etc… and flip through receipts, and you should be able to get most of it in advance.

That’s strange. It should work. (Boy if I had a nickel for every time I said that during build season).

Unless you aren’t on SP 3. The link specifically indicates Office 2000 Service Pack 3.

Back on topic, I would try to do as much of the BOM from memory as you can. You need the prices and its amazing how much you will remember from the robot. Fill in any holes at competition.

Done it a few times (…fool me thrice, shame on…??) . It sucks. Hours spent in the stands when many other things need to get done, but it can be done.

Also–the hard/soft copy question apparently depends on the regional. I’ve turned in soft copies in CO since I started in 2009, although this year students handled BOM and inspection (FINALLY!!!)

@squirrel: seriously? you’re complaining about xlsx? It was released in 2007, a full 5 years ago.

Office 2000 is 12 year old software. 2003 is 9 year old software. I highly doubt you’re still using a 600MHz single core computer, so why use software written for that?

You should see how lotus123 & wordstar fly on my 600 mhz pc…

Mark my words, nostalgia computing is going to make a comeback, like vinyl records and tube amps! Squirrel & I are just ahead of the rest.