Does anyone know what program to use to open the BOM link once the .zip file is opened?

Also looks like it is preferred but not a hard rule to use, thoughts on using it or not?

we used it, but just to save time in setting it up.

The template is an excel file that can be opened in other programs such as open office. Its not the required format, but its best. I always err on the side of caution and print out a physical copy of it. Better safe than sorry

Not to use their template or not to use a BOM in general? If you were thinking the latter,, it is required. As for their template, no it’s not required.

I’m not sure what BOM .zip file you’re referring to, the BOM I’ve seen used in the past is -

I know we use Google Docs for making sure we inventory parts, and so it’s easier for us to use Google Docs. We just ensure that we include all the details that the BOM template has. I would suggest ensuring that you do the same, and make sure you have the same amount of info, but feel free to use any template.

I know what the .zip file thing is…when you try to download the BOM template using Internet Explorer, you get a funky .zip folder with all kinds of weird stuff in it, but no .xlsx spreadsheet.

I solved the problem by using Firefox to download the template.

Please use as close to the FRC template as possible and bring a printed copy. Your inspector will thank you :slight_smile:

Something similar happened last year and FIRST fixed it…I would email frcteams about it

If you’re still having an issue, hopefully this attachment works.

2014_Inspection_BOM_Template.xlsx (42 KB)

2014_Inspection_BOM_Template.xlsx (42 KB)

Here’s the template in an older version of Excel (xls).
xlsx has that .zip issue when it isn’t translated properly.

2014_Inspection_BOM_Template.xls (39.5 KB)

2014_Inspection_BOM_Template.xls (39.5 KB)