I am apart of a young First Robotics Team, and we were wondering whether or not the kit of parts could be accounted for as one item on the BOM, or we had to list each individual item?

Typically for our BoM we will include each individual item we used from the kit (or FIRST Choice, or virtual kit voucher) and have its cost be $0, as those items do not count against your $5000 budget.

If you don’t list KOP items, even at $0, you’ll run into a robot inspector who will ask why you didn’t list them.

If you do, you’ll run into an inspector who’ll say you didn’t have to list them.

I say list all the things that are $5 and up.


So, you might want to carefully reread the rules about Robot Inspection. It actually gives the answer to this question, which you can refer that inspector to, if there is an issue at inspection time.

So be safe and list them

We list all major components and their cost, whether it be 0 or not.

We don’t list nuts and bolts and small things, per the Game Manual


IMO learning how to properly create a BOM is a great skill that goes unaccounted for most of the time. While tedious and usually unneeded, knowing exactly what you have in a robot system is never a bad thing. It also helps whomever does it how the robot is out together, which is great learning as well.
I’d suggest putting in your individual line items.

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