Bomb Squad 2012 Feeder mechanism

Does anyone have any information on how bomb squad’s feeding/queueing mechanism form 2012 worked without casing jams?

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Reveal video here shows it pretty well at the end.

Nothing fancy about it really. Better bar with surgical tubing wrapped in a way that pulled the balls to the center. Box was just big enough for three balls and if I remember correctly, the surface was roughed up (sand paper) to allow the balls to slide freely.

We later added a roller to push the balls out and seat them in the catapult faster.

What happened when you had only 2 balls in the front, would they fight for the middle spot and get stuck?

As long as this thread is already here, I’ve had a question about this robot for quite a while. Was the ability to dump balls over the center bump part of how the robot was originally envisioned, or was that a nice happenstance, used to great effect?

Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth! I was mostly concerned with how the balls were so cleanly and consistently indexed without jams.

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If I remember correctly, one side tended to overpower the other. It had as much to do with driver/operator skill through many hours of practice though. The driver could direct the balls into the open side of the hopper and the operator could work the balls up and down in the box to sort them out. Austin and Matt were a pretty awesome drive team.

I can’t say for sure, I wasn’t much involved in the design process back then. Maybe somebody who was wants to fill in that gap for me.

What I can say for sure, though… that move was well practiced. Our drive team very much wanted to play defense that year. We just didn’t have an opportunity until late.

IIRC, Stryke Force (2767) did a similar system in 2016, intaking into an arm almost, then folding it over into the shooter.