Bomb Squad 2015: Two Minute Warning

Here’s the thread for the Bomb Squad’s 2015 robot: Two Minute Warning. Please ask any questions here and we’ll be sure to answer them as quickly as possible!

Unbelievable bot as always. Your swerves blow my mind every year.

Those can grabbers are so cool!

Dat Swerve, fantastic as always :smiley:

I DEMAND A RECOUNT! That was only a one-and-three-quarters-minute warning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another fantastic Bomb Squad machine! I can’t wait to see it in person on down the road.

Great job, can’t wait to see this awesome machine preform at Arkansas!

In your autonomous run you seem to be missing 2 containers, what up with that? Also, with mercury explicitly banned this year are you still running a similar swerve to previous years?

Can’t wait to see it up close at champs.

That’s what alliance partners are for, right? :wink:
I actually just got back from working on an auto that only requires one RC to be taken away by alliance partners. It should be ready for Rock City.

Similar modules, just bigger and heavier.

How is Leroy?

The robot looks good, gonna have to poke around it at CMP again.

Best use of a DART I’ve seen.

Amazing bot as always from the Bomb Squad…Good luck this season guys!!!

Those arms are so nifty! I can’t think of a better word to use. How many totes can you stack at one time? Your elevator doesn’t seem to be the most efficient design in terms of space.

My my, those hooks look beautiful. Love this design; it’s just like industrial manufacturers and warehouses would do this job.

I am so glad I get to see this at Midwest. Hopefully we don’t end up against them.:smiley:

I like the top pivot swerve.

Another awesome machine from the Bomb Squad. Looking forward to sharing the field with you guys again in Arkansas!

Is that a CIM-less drivetrain? Dang, that’s so old school.

Nice robot! Wish I could see it, but I likely won’t be at any of your competitions. :frowning: Best of luck this season!

Question - when was the last time that Bomb Squad had a tall robot? :slight_smile: Looking as amazing as ever this year, and that swerve driving is just soooo smooth.

I can only imagine how useful it will be to have each tote and bin supported by an individual hook. Already I’ve seen a lot of tipping when teams try to move around stacks of 4+ totes.

What was the inspiration behind the name of this year’s bot?