Bomb Squad 2017 Season Wrap Up

A quick video showcasing our 2017 robot “Spectre” and the team that built and competed with it.

Thank you to all teams for making this year an unforgettable season and a special thanks to all of our awesome elimination alliance partners, (3310, 3991), (1986, 5847), (3937, 2221, 948)

I love how in the credits one student is labeled “battery boy.”

Do the LED flames in each corner actually provide driver feedback, or are they just for show? Either way, they look really cool!

He cut the string

The flame LED’s are just for show, there was talk about making them show the level of fuel we had but we never made it happen. The top ring of LED’s were the functional ones. They let us know when we grabbed a gear from the ground, when the shooter was on, and flashed green to tell our HP that we needed fuel.

They also had a mentor dedicated to memes.

I want a mentor in charge of memes now.

I think Wil Payne might be available.

Thank you Bomb Squad for working with us in Little Rock again! Always a lot of fun teaming up with you!

Uggghhh. You don’t want this. It’s not what it seems.