Bomb Squad's 2008 Robot

Hello everyone

This is the link to our 2008 robot!

feel free to leave some feedback

good luck to all, its been a fun season so far!

That is one design i never thought of, looks sweet and works really well. excellent job.

How does the flagholder end up at the appropriate height and still fit in the starting box?

“Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a dution of the roller in night” ever wonder what they’re singing about? I’m just as confused by your roller wheel flimsy thingy, hows that turning? It looks like a very durable bot, which is what this game needs. I love the way you guys think.

we added something on the back to get the ball down we were able to mount it on that

Dang that things quick!! Does it have a full swerve drive with 4 wheels or only 3?

Clever! I honestly didn’t think that anyone would try to build a robot that flips down, but you guys pulled it off nicely. Great grabbing mechanism, too!

its a full swerve with 3 wheels… were also going to be driving with a steering wheel this year:) something new for us

You might want to find out how to not leave skid marks on the carpet. I think their bada$$ but the refs, no so much

LOL, this is one of the most misheard lyrics ever. It is in fact “revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.” Originally, it was performed by Bruce Springsteen written as “Cut loose like a deuce” in reference to a ford coup deuce, circa 1932. Manfred Mann changed it to “revved up like a deuce” but essentially meant the same thing.

back on topic, I also am curious as to how the roller fits over the ball while not leaving the starting box. Are you planning to have it flop off the wall like in the video?

Chris McKenzie

haha… good job with the lyrics!

the “beater bar” folds back just like in the video and we will flop off the wall every match!

(It dose not leave any skid marks on the wall or carpet, there are pneumatics that work as shocks)

Looks like the supports for the roller are Lexan, so I think the way it works is: Starts in the box, 38" side forwards. Drops down, making the base 38" wide with a tall(ish), rather floppy roller bar on the front. When it picks up the ball, the Lexan bends out of the way.

Good job, Bomb Squad!

I like the flip from of the starting position, very clever!

That’s a very fast robot. Does the driver have insurance?:smiley:

Good luck in Chicago - make sure to pick either WildStang or Beatty!

Are you allowed to flop off the wall?


where do the rules say you cant?

I checked the rules, nothing about leaning but there is a potential problem with bumpers, seeing as how they must cover 2/3 of the perimeter and must not be moved out of the bumper zone at all during play. When you start flopping, play is considered started, therefore you will be breaking one of the two rules. Also, fitting it inside of the inspectors box might prove difficult.

Chris McKenzie

Please read the Q&A. Also, I’m pretty sure that they fit while they are in starting configuration.

I didn’t think we’d see any flop-bots this year, because having a larger base than 28x38 makes compliance with <R16>'s 80 inches even harder. I didn’t even think about anyone doing it just to be able to have the arm wider. Looks great.

Looks great team 16! We’ll always have a special spot in our hearts for you over here at 1405 :smiley:

OH BOY…another great robot from Bomb Squad…imagine that. :slight_smile: You guys are great. Very creative approach to picking up the ball…didn’t think of that one. Wish we were all back at KSC again along with heatwave and Demolition Squad (267) those were the years…

Best of luck this year.

Mike C.