Bomb Threats At School

GUESS WHAT! We are under lock-down for a bomb threat! So, how is your day? :frowning:

What’s lock down???

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**What’s lock down??? **

Lock down is a wonderful condition that a school or other building is put in when they lock all the doors and windows due to the fact that, J.R. Tucker HS had a bomb threat. Nobody gets in, nobody gets out until they signal the all clear, or they tell the students to go home. The middle school in downtown Kokomo had a bomb threat, so they made everyone in the school walk across the street and sit in the schools 5,000 seat gymnasium and eventually they sent them all home.

Not a fun thing

I would hate that…

Except that we are a campus style school, so it was made 50x worse than it really was.

we got put on a lockdown once cuz their was a dog running around the school and they thought it was rabid… silly silly schools.

Last year, people called in one or two bomb threats… the response was that everyone had to go and stay outside for about half an hour.

I forget when, but I think it was the year before I was a freshman, the school had about 10 bomb threats by annonymously stupid kids who didn’t want to go to class. The class that year realized that all you have to do is call the main office from the payphone, leave an annonymous tip, and bammo - the school legally has to evacuate. After the second time, that prank got pretty old pretty fast. I hope they caught the person(s?) who kept on doing it.

in my 4 years we have never been on lock down, however i think we should have been in certain occasions, i think a kid brought a gun to school, (this may have happened more than once. )

oneangrydwarf we got put on a lockdown once cuz their was a dog running around the school

this year their was a bear outside of our school,

we’ve gotten several threats against the school also, bombs and such

our school is getting alot more serious with security, their starting to make all the people in the school (students and faculty) wear like these id cards with your pic on it around your neck.

idont like things around my neck

So far only one threat happened… There was a hitlist in the bathroom… It made me pretty uncomfortable and thank god no lock downs for us…

Yeah whenever we have a bomb threat we have a fire drill like thing were we go and stand right next to the building so even if we did have a bomb that were to blow up we would still die anyways.

last year my school almost exploded, though not from a bomb. a few days after 9/11, we all got evacuated from school around 6th period (that’s about 11:30 or so). we not only walked the “fire drill” distance (out the door, you’re “safe”), but we walked through the parking lot, up to the freshman campus building (about a 3 minute walk, without crowding).

needless to say, we were all confused. later that day, we got back inside, we hear from the principal, that the school’s boilers got blocked up, and almost blew up. from what i heard, if the boilers, or even if just one, had blown up, the school would be a crater. from kids that were in the music suite (right over the boiler room) they said they heard lots of clanking and metallic noises.

i’d say an exploding boiler beats a bomb threat any day :p.

the last time we had lockdown at our school, we were in 6th period for over an hour and the cops brought the german shepards in to go through the halls…it was really entertaining, especially considering the size of our school.

My school occasionally has false fire alarms (usually at the end of the day when some person decides to pull the alarm).

We’ve never had any bomb threats, or exploding boiler rooms.

Bomb Threat: 4 hours, football field, cops everywhere, FBI.

Oh well, that was pretty cool. We basically had half a day.


I’ve got a couple good stories from back in high school, especially because during my senior year I was an office aide for three hours per day.

We have had the whole stray dog running into school (albeit no bears, though). One of the middle school teachers, who was a bouncer before he became a teacher, put the dog on some string and kept it in his classroom. We called the family and they came and got it. Nothing big, just a lot of unnecessary hysteria.

We’ve had the school put on your ‘lock down’ type thing for a bomb threat, too. Boy, that was fun. It didn’t last long though; the kid who called it in had also called himself in sick that day. The attendance aide recognized his voice, and the cops soon went and busted him and three of his friends at his house.

Our pool is known for excessive chlorine (the water is green and gross anyway). Way before I went there, one teacher whose classroom was right across from the pool went unconscious while teaching. After the kids smelled the chlorine gas, they called the office and the school was evacuated. It ended up that a janitor had gone in to fix the valve and passed out, leaving the valve wide open. He almost died :ahh:

Last but not least, another ‘before I got there’ story. The principal used to give my government teacher a lot of flak for always taking his class outside during warm days. The principal told him that after that day, he was not allowed to take his class outside. While the teacher’s class was outside, a hot water main broke in the room and ended up sending boiling hot water shooting through the classroom. It would have killed them all…

Some weird stories for you to enjoy! :wink:

The best time was when it was snowing like heck up here and some kid decided to pull the alarm. I didn’t mind cause I was in study talking with my freinds. We went outside and waited against the building(a safe distance). It was the best, we had snow ball fights with the teachers and each other. It was a riot.

The middle school in downtown Kokomo had a bomb threat, so they made everyone in the school walk across the street and sit in the schools 5,000 seat gymnasium and eventually they sent them all home.

i went to that school when it was the other high school…we had a bomb threat and they did that. they locked all of our bags in the school, and it was a friday, and they said we would have to wait until monday to get out stuff…well…my parents just happened to be in cancun…and i was the only person in the US that had keys to my house…but my dad just told me to break into my house…so that was pretty cool. :smiley: