Over the past season BONDS has been working to slowly train new students and to increase our capability as a team. The result of these efforts has culminated in 3 projects:

  1. A concept robot designed for demonstrations with 2017 game pieces
  2. A robot cart to increase access to tools while at competitions and to make transportation easier
  3. (and my favorite) A series of boards to help keep wires contained and to help troubleshooting occur more efficiently](
  4. Peter Salisbury (PeterSalisbury on CD) has designed gearboxes for the team

Additionally,here is our 2017 season code and 2017 off-season training programming, both in Java. After our 2017 season we decided we would start writing robot code in command based style to eliminate the clutter that built up in our 2017 robot code, and accommodate our growing number of programmers.