Bonus Photos! - FlyBots

I’ve always dreamed of an FRC flying robot game. So far, the 2016 season is the closest I think it’s come to it.
I’m starting a collection of airborne robots, with just my 2016 photos for the moment. As I find time, I may go back through my albums and add more. I seem to remember a few scattered airborn robots in years past. (If you run across any in an old flickr album of mine, feel free to send me a link and I’ll add it).

Some of the photos stand alone. Some are in sequence; robots taking flight, landing, and sometimes a bounced landing (not good in airplanes but lots of fun in robots!).


Love these shots.

5915 is as fun to play with as the pictures show. Absolutely no fear in that driver. She drives like it’s a video game.

The driver almost drives it as though it hasn’t broken on them yet…either that or the driver doesn’t have to fix it when it does break?