After reformatting and losing my bookmarks of posts on another forum I visit frequently, I have had this idea. (Note: I now bookmark with

What if on each post there was a button that said “Bookmark This!” Now, instead of actually bookmarking the page, it brings you to another page which asks for an optional “Why?” field. You fill that in, the URL/Title is already filled in and then click “Bookmark!” It stores this bookmark in the database, and you can view it in your User CP. Maybe the ability to view others bookmarks, but if you were to add that you would need to have the ability to mark bookmarks “private.” Kind of like a local, sans-tags. Although, tags would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

The programming wouldn’t be too intensive. A four field table,
user_id | url | title | why

[font=Verdana]INSERT query for marking as bookmark, SELECT query within a WHILE loop for reading your|others bookmarks.

I could be missing something; but, how is this different from the ability to subscribe to threads? e.g. under Thread Tools on the top post of a topic choose “Subscribe to this Thread”; you can view all the threads you’ve subscribed to in your user control panel by clicking the “View all Subscribed Threads” link.