Boosting Yourself Up

So I was thinking about different ways to scale the scale and I thought of something. This might have already been brought up, but can’t we use a boosting system to get our bumpers over the 1ft mark. Like a system that elevates the robot like it’s a Formula One Car getting worked on in the pits. Or like it has been jacked up.

I haven’t found anything to say it’s against the rules and I am not saying it would be useful. I was just wondering.

This Thread’s start should help you.

This violates R24.

The bumper rules prohibit you from moving the bumpers 2" above the imaginary plane that defines the bottom of your robot. Doing something like this would violate that rule.

This has been discussed to death in several other threads so I won’t elaborate further.


Ya, I totally forgot about the bumper to floor length rule. That’s what you get for thinking about things when you’re only half awake:o