Bordie Recharge 2021

Bordie Recharge - 2021

Team 2412 is excited to announce the inaugural Bordie Recharge offseason event! This two-day FRC event will be held October 16th-17th at Sammamish High School in Bellevue WA. (100 140th Ave SE Bellevue, WA 98005) Load in will be Saturday morning by appointment - times will be assigned.

We will be playing the 2021 FRC game INFINITE RECHARGE using 2021 rules on the official FRC field. Teams will have a pit with power, qualification matches, alliance selections, and playoffs.

Registration is currently OPEN (Microsoft Forms) and we have space for about 20 teams. Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis. The fee is $250 and teams can compete with a second robot for an additional $100. Once the registration form is completed, we will be in contact with your team to arrange payment.

We are also looking for volunteers! Volunteers will receive an INFINITE RECHARGE volunteer T-shirt. (While supplies & sizes last…) If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, please fill out this form.

Masks will be required at all times. All adult volunteers are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to the event. Team size may be limited based on how many teams sign up. Additional restrictions may be added. We are hopeful that this event will be able to take place but it will depend on the state of COVID as well as CDC and school district guidelines/rules.


2910 is super excited for Bordie Recharge! We will be busy the next few weeks fixing the robots and getting them ready to go. Thank you for hosting 2412!


As a heads up, looks like the permissions aren’t quite right on the volunteer form. Looking forward to the event! :slightly_smiling_face:

We changed permissions. It should work now. Thanks for letting us know!


I am pretty sure I filled out the form.
Can someone tell me if Otter Chaos 4512 is registered?

Neil Palachuk
Coach Otter Chaos 4512

sent you a pm

Updates from Team 2412
We have a website up now with more information including a tentative schedule! Check it out at


Email sent to registered teams on 9.27.2021

Hello Teams,

Thank you for your participation in our first off-season event, Bordie Recharge! (You may have seen the small red birds we hand out at competitions, here is a video about how they got started.)

This email covers:

  1. COVID protocols
  2. Payment
  3. Preliminary schedule
  4. Food

COVID protocols:

In an effort to allow for distancing we are limiting team size. We will confirm with you the number you are bringing based on what you entered into our form. You may bring different people on Saturday and Sunday. Adult volunteers working the event will need to show proof of vaccination and will receive a separate email with that information. Masks must be worn at all times and hand sanitizer will be available. Please remind your team to distance in the stands, pits, and lunch areas.


Let me know if you need an invoice. Teams bringing one robot own $250. Teams bringing 2 robots owe $350.

Bellevue School District Teams: Ask your school accountant to transfer the funds from your ASB account to the Sammamish Robotics ASB account.

Outside Bellevue: Send a check to Sammamish High School Robotics, 100 140th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98005.

Preliminary Schedule:

Load- in will be Saturday morning between 7:00am and 9:00 am. Please consider bringing a minimal pit to keep load-in/out as fast as possible. There are two possible locations for load-in/out.

(1) Enter the student parking lot from 140th Avenue. Pull up to the curb and walk everything up the sidewalk next to the gym (see yellow arrow). This sidewalk is on a slope.

(2) Enter the roundabout from Main Street. Follow directions from volunteers to unload into a freight elevator (see red arrows). This option will require signing up for a time slot here.

There will be a practice field available as early as possible Saturday morning.

Preliminary schedule


Practice matches (depending on how fast we get the field set up) 9:00 – 10:00
Drivers Meeting 11:00
Lunch 11:30
Opening Ceremony 12:30
Qualification Matches begin 1:00
Pits close 6:30


Pits open 8:00
Qualification Matches begin 9:00
Alliance selection 11:30
Lunch 12:00
Final matches begin 1:00
Closing Ceremony 5:00


We will have pre-packaged snacks and drinks for sale. Food must be eaten in designated areas in the cafeteria only or outside.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will send more information as needed. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

If a registered team did not recieve this email, please send a message to [email protected].

We will also be posting the list of registered teams after the “deadline” passes. Thank you to everyone who signed up and made this event possible. <3


List of teams attending: (as of 9.29.21)

  • The Revolution - 360 (bringing 2 bots)
  • Titan Robotics - 492
  • NRG - 948
  • Wolverine Robotics - 949
  • Top Gun - 1294
  • IRS - 1318
  • Robototes - 2412 (bringing 2 bots)
  • Royal Robotics - 2522
  • SOTAbots - 2557
  • Jack in the Bot - 2910 (bringing 2 bots)
  • Stealth Robotics - 4089
  • Iron Patriots - 4131
  • Otter Chaos - 4512
  • BraveBots - 4682
  • CyberKnights - 4911
  • Code Purple - 5827
  • VIKotics - 5920
  • Clawbots - 6350
  • Sushi Squad - 7461

Signups are currently CLOSED, but if you would like to be on the waitlist, please contact Laura Dooley. ([email protected])
We will only be accepting new teams if anyone drops off.


We sure wish we could host everybody that would like to come but the event has a limit of 350 people including all volunteers. You can email or pm me for questions. One note for teams that the pits and field are in different buildings that are about 28 feet apart on level ground. We recommend bringing a robot bag to cover the bot between buildings but will also plan to have tarps available. See y’all real soon!


Email sent to registered teams on 10.09.2021

Hello Teams!

This email has the event maps attached and covers the list below for Bordie Recharge.

  • roboRIO updates
  • Load-In
  • Parking
  • Check-in
  • COVID protocols
  • Guests
  • Food/Lunch
  • Payment

roboRIO updates: Prior to arriving we highly recommend that you update your roboRIO and driver station with 2021 software versions so you can connect to the field. Those versions are roboRIO firmware/image version 2021_f and Driver Station revision 21.0 or newer. If you need assistance with this please contact [email protected].

Load-in: Doors open for load-in at 7:00 am. The pits and field are on the second floor so you may choose to push your pit up a long wheelchair accessible slope or use the freight elevator. If you choose to go up the slope, please follow the attached map for lining up to unload your pit. If you want to use the freight elevator you must let us know in advance and I will give you separate instructions. Please bring only your pit crew at 7am if possible. If you are local and want to bring your pit over Friday night after 7:30 pm please email [email protected] to arrange it. We ask that you wait until Saturday AM to set it up though.

Parking: There are no pull-through parking spaces so we are asking that you park trailers and busses in the northwest staff parking lot along 140th Ave. You may leave your trailer overnight in the parking lot. Cars can park in the south student parking lot.

Check-in: Please send 1-2 people to the check-in desk (see map) where we will give you the wristbands for your team. Please remember that your team number limit includes student AND mentors. At this point we don’t have extra wristbands. Wristbands will be checked when you enter the gym, we ask you to keep them visible for our volunteers.

COVID protocols: All guests are asked to scan our attendance QR code upon entry. We will have a Google Form and a Microsoft form for BSD (Bellevue School District) students. Masks are required at all times except in designated eating areas and only while eating.

Guests: No guests are allowed because BSD has given us a strict limit on attendance.

Food/Lunch: We will have a concessions table with snacks and bottled drinks for sale (nothing for lunch). No food is allowed in the gym. Lunch tables are available with limited seating. There are multiple covered outdoor areas as well for eating. If you choose to move tables please return them to the original location after use. There is a Starbucks, Little Caesar’s, a great taco truck, Wingstop as well as Dominos delivery and a Subway close by. Check out the options on Google Maps.

Doors: Please observe signs for entering the pits and gym. There will be separate doors for people without robots and people pushing robots. (see map)

Payment: Let Ms. Herzog ([email protected]) know if you need an invoice. You can send checks to Sammamish High School Robotics, 100 140th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98005. It is also okay to bring a check to the event.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kim Herzog
Sammamish High School
CTE Teacher
FIRST Robotics Team 2412 Coach
FIRST Tech Challenge 16750 Coach

Bordie Recharge Venue Map:

Load in Map

Follow Up Email (Sent 10.09.2021)

Hi all! I wanted to chime in with a thanks for all those who offered help. Our volunteer opportunities are currently full for those not already attending with their team.

Check-in: We will have different wristbands each day, they’ll be at check-in for you to grab and take to your team. If you can have pit crew and bot crew only until 9:00 that would be great. If you’re all travelling together, no problem. Later arrivals can get their wristband from their team’s pit.

Flags: We would love to have you bring your flags to wave on the field. We welcome mascot costumes too, should you wish to wear one.

Robot Inspections: We will have one of our mechanical mentors performing short safety inspections for robots that have not competed before. Please let our pit admin, Julian, know when you come in to set up if your bot has competed or been inspected before. We ask that all bots do their best to comply with all robot construction guidelines as always.

I’m so excited to see all of you!! Of course, I’m usually excited about something but still.


Laura Dooley
Logistics Mentor Team 2412
Lead Mentor Team 16750

Team 2412 is excited to see you at Bordie Recharge!!


Bordie Recharge Info (sent 10.13.21)

This email has LOTS of information. Please read it carefully.

Friday Night SETUP

  • Arrive at 7:00 pm and stay as late as you can. We will stop at midnight. Bring a vaccinated parent to help if possible!

  • We want to you to go home after school and rest and have dinner before returning for setup. If this is a problem speak to me, Kiri or Tasbeet. (we do have a few jobs for those who need a safe place after school and dinner)

  • Snacks will be provided – bring a water bottle, wear Robototes t-shirts or SHS colors! (Or your team gear, if you aren’t from SHS)

  • Want to buy a Robototes t-shirt? 15 cash or PayPal to Evan [email protected]


  • If you are early pit admin or check-in (7-9) please arrive 6:45-6:55. Same for pit/robot crew as needed. If not, please arrive by 9am. We want to be there to welcome our guest teams and be helpful. Field setup will go on from 7-10 so you can come help with that. You will need a wristband to attend. You can pick your wristband up in the pits.

  • Pits are in the cafeteria. Julian and Max will be there welcoming teams and pointing them to their pits. Check in with them for your wristbands and Team Shirt. You will return the shirt Sunday – bring a change of top for tear down please.

  • Lunch will be from 11:30-12:30 and will be available for all Robototes. We will not be selling lunch at the concession stand.

  • Competition will end by 6pm Saturday and the pits close at 6:30. Please plan to make a quick trip through the bleachers on your way out picking up trash and any lost and found to help our wonderful school stay clean!


  • Please arrive by 8am for your wristband for Sunday.

  • Go directly to the Pit admin/Media table in the pits to pick up your wristband. If you are attending both days get a new wristband in the pit for Sunday.

  • We have matches until about 11 or 11:30 then alliance selections. Lunch is again available for our team.

  • Playoffs are after lunch until done.

  • TEAR DOWN – when playoffs are winding down we will post to the 2412 Team letting you know what time to show up to help. Please do not come early you will need to wait outside until the bulk of the teams depart. Feel free to bring a vaccinated parent. We need 10-12 adults to take down the truss.

  • Tear Down usually takes 3-4 hours with the bulk being in the first 90 minutes.

More information can be found at

Can’t wait to see you all at comp this weekend!! <3
-Tasbeet I. | Co-captain of Team 2412


Bordie Recharge Match Schedule.xls (25.5 KB)


thank you to everyone who made Bordie Recharge a reality and made this weekend so much fun! Team 2412 can’t wait to host again next year!! <3


@Robototes Thank you for hosting Bordie Recharge! The event was very well run with a high level of polish. Huge props for stepping up and pulling everything together on tight timeline. We had a great time!


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