Borrowing a Minibot from another Division

This has been on the back of my mind for a little while, and I couldn’t find any other threads about it. How would borrowing a minibot from another division at championships work? Would the lender still receive any co-opertition points?

At GTR I heard that loaning a minibot cross regional would yield no points, would it be different at champs?

According to the rules, only FRC teams registered for an event can get coopertition points for that event. See Section 5.3.5.

Figure that that’s the case between divisions; if it isn’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It is unlikely in my opinion that the lender would earn coopertition points for a minibot that isn’t in their own division. As noted you can earn points if you are registered for that event, a big reason for this is the fact that the software isn’t set up to accept a team number that isn’t already in their system. That was the case at the Seattle double regional. It would be nice if they could do it at CMP because none of the 3 minibots we’ve already loaned or promised to loan out are in our division.

Coopertition Award is CMP-wide (not divison-specific), so that’s something to consider…

We are loaning our minibots to a team, yet we are not competing at the CMP this year. We knew not to expect any recognition via coppertition bonus points. But it would be neat if they did change the rules for CMP.

It’s actually both.
Well last I checked on the awards PDF, it was.