Bosch Drill Motor CAD Files

Can anyone help me out here?

I know I had AutoCAD models of the Bosch Drill Motors last year. Unfortunately, I nuked my hard drive a few months ago and I can’t seem to find them again anywhere. I checked and, but I couldn’t find them.

If anyone has this file lying around, could you please upload it or mail it to me or something? I am trying to design our motor mounts, and having that model will make my life a thousand times easier.

Try the sharing FIRST page. I think that Ed Sparks has those files stored there.

Good Luck,


Ed Spark’s sharingfirst site does not seem to have any models of the drill motors, although he has models of most of the other motors. Note that you need a java enabled browser to see the navigation bar.

hopefully he, or someone else will be along soon to help you.

I have a model of the drill motor drawn with Inventor. Will this help? If not, I’ll try to translate it to Autocad.

Here’s a temporary link to my CAD files. It’s not pretty but you can at least get to all of the new as well as old files. I’m currently working with SharingFirst to set up permissions so that I can release my improved website. Keep in mind that:

This is a working directory - I add,delete,rename, and update files in this location almost dailey.

Not all models are in their “final release state”

Not all models have been moved to this site yet, but I’m working on it. If you need something fast, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

I’ll work on the Drill Motor in Autocad next (the Inventor version is currently available in the Inventor Subdirectory), give me a couple days and check back.


Forgot the link …

I know this has been a long time coming, but you’re CAD files have been a great help, Ed.

I wouldn’t be able to get anything done without them, since I don’t have any of these parts in front of me for reference.

Now, whether or not this robot turns out with the same exacting precision of my CAD work remains to be seen :slight_smile:

But, at any rate, this is probably one of the greatest FIRST resources available. Thanks.

Now, does anyone know where I can find some information on the pneumatic cylinders? I’m looking for something with a 3" stroke or so, if that’s even available.

Alrighty. . .how about this?

Anyone know where I can find the Fischer Price motor with it’s gearbox? Currently, our FP motor is still attached to it’s original Power Wheels chassis, so I can’t really do anything with it (like bring it home and measure it!)

Anyway, I managed to find the FP motor alone, as well as the drill motor. . . but, I just realized that I need the gearbox, too :frowning: and Ed Sparks’ CAD Library don’t have it, as yet.

I have the gearbox and don’t need it, I do however need the motor so I can’t give that to you. Send me an e-mail and I will put it in the mail to you

[email protected]

I don’t have a model of the FP gearbox yet but I do have the part in my “to do” list. I’m just finishing up the compressor model and will start the FP gearbox next.

BTW Michael - Thanks for the kind words - I appreciate your comments and use of these models. Also, I just signed up with a webhost service, look for the new improved First Cad Library site around midweek. I’ll post when it’s available. :smiley:

Well the FP Transmission is finally completed and posted in the mechanical library of the FIRST CAD Library. This one was tough. Injection molded stuff is a pain to draw and be warned that I had to make a few judgement calls and assumptions. The model is close but if you are going to make a part to capture the housing then I would invest a little time in comparing the model to your actual part. I tried to pay close attention to the end of the model where the output shaft is. The 3 screw pattern and the final gear shaft are pretty close to the FP transmission I have.

BTW This part is metric (mm)