Bosch Extrusion Dealer in California Bay Area

Bit late on the extrusion discussions that went on last week, but I’d like to know if there are any Bosch extrusion dealer in California bay area (or in close proximity). Address, phone number, website addy, etc. would by nice if you could provide it. Thanks.

Slack sometimes has stuff.

also, if u can wait a lil bit for shipping…ITEM is supposedly sending orders out pretty quickly. (item makes some cool stuff)

IPS is taking a while…the 5 day shipping that Andy Baker was talking about isnt quite happeneing. They seem to be backed up quite a bit this year from increased orders. (IPS is also cool extrusion)

Dig up the old phone book, then start calling Al. suppliers and ask them if they know where you might be able to find something.

Im sure allan steel 9sp?)would know too.

Just thought you might need some advice, and why not from an old friend eh? If you register you will get the local distributor closest to your zip. There is one in San Jose, and I posted this to the wrrf mail list.