Bosch Extrusion

I am the technical advisor for Team 569. My company sponsors team 569 & team 496 (Both are LI teams.)

My company (Atlantic Industrial Technologies) is also the local Bosch dealer for the NY/NJ/Metro area. We stock the Bosch extrusion and connectors, and we even cut it to size for teams that do not have adequate machining capabilities. Just send us your cut list and we’ll send you a kit ready to assemble.

This year as a courtesy to all FIRST teams, we will be offering an extended discount on Bosch. (10% less than Small Parts)

For any team who is intertested in using Bosch extrusion for the frame of your robots, send me an email with your requirements.
Also, let us know if you need a catalog. We’ll Fed-Ex one to you right away or you can go to for an online catalog and even place online orders.

You can also fax your request to:
ATTN: Joe Angelo
FAX: 631-234-3283
PHONE: 631-234-3131

You can also visit our website at For your convenience, we accept all major credid cards.

If you have any questions or if I personally can help you in any way, please call or email me.

Best wishes to all teams for a successful & enjoyable competition. Good Luck to all.

Tony Giammarinaro
Team 569 Technical advisor

email: [email protected]
Cell phone: 516-551-5600

(See attached Excel sheet for part numbers & prices)

bosch price list for first teams.xls (29.5 KB)

bosch price list for first teams.xls (29.5 KB)