Bosch motor 6004 RA3 and hall encoder

Hey Guys,

We are trying to figure out how to wire the encoder from the Bosch motor that came with the KOP to the roboRio.

I’ve tried the wiring from another thread, but before hooking up the output to the analog input, I’ve tested the value with a multimeter. The ouput was 9.8V!! The roborio AI is rated to 0-5v. I don’t want to burn our RoboRio.

Can someone draw a wiring diagram?

Thank you

I was hoping to give this a try this weekend. Take a look at the PDF

We have it working like this (used a 220 resistor):

  • Encoder wiring:
  • PWM cable from Analog port on roboRIO
  • Red wire -> 200 ohm resistor -> Motor Pin #2
  • White wire -> Motor Pin #2
  • Black wire -> Motor Pin #4
  • Motor wiring:
  • PDP -> motor controller -> Motor Pin #1
  • PDP -> motor controller -> Motor Pin #3

Keep me posted if you continue to have this issue after wiring correctly. The hall circuit and motor power circuit are completely isolated so it shouldn’t be pulling more than what the RoboRio can put out. There is always a slight possibility there is something touching inside the motor. In that case check with an oscilloscope if there is any continuity between hall pins and power pins.